Outdoor Dining Spaces


Outdoor Dining Spaces…
That’ll Make The Neighbours Drool

Now that summer is nearly upon us, the time has come to start thinking seriously about how to put our gardens to good use. Spring is coming to an end, so most of the gardening is now done. All that’s left is to figure out a way to enjoy it all…If you love eating alfresco, you’ll love this post. We’re going to look at some outdoor dining space ideas that’ll make the neighbours drool.


Lakeside Summer House

Summer houses aren’t just for reading. If they’re large enough and have some decking out the front, they can also make a great location for an evening meal, especially if you happen to have a great view. Summerhouses with bifolding doors can be opened up to overlook the side of a valley or a lake, allowing you to wine and dine in luxury – unless, of course, you live in London.


Vintage Table And Chairs Set

If you like to keep your garden traditional, then your outdoor dining space should also be a reflection of the past. Outdoor dining sets come with floral cushions, vintage metal styling and bright, colourful tablecloths. Perched under a tree, vintage dining sets are perfect for enjoying a spot of afternoon tea with scones, cake, and biscuits. Oh – and don’t forget the cucumber sandwiches.


Modern Table And Chairs On A Designer Patio

Beautiful patios are a perfect place for a spot of alfresco dining. Not only do they provide a bit of support underfoot, but they also help to keep the eating area cool when under shade. Paired with some modern tables and chairs, a designer patio can really lift a courtyard space, helping it to feel modern and functional.


A Stone Retreat

You don’t just have to settle for stone underfoot, of course. If you really want a Mediterranean outdoor dining experience, then add things like stone walling to your patio space. Stone walling helps to create a rustic feeling and makes you feel as if you’ve left miserable old Britain and arrived in the height of summer in the Dordogne or the Loire Valley.

Stone goes really well with rustic wrought iron breakfast tables and simple pot plants. Spaces sunken into the ground also work well and make you feel as if you’ve gone back in time to the era of grand country estates and beautiful, ivy-laced walled gardens.

Image result for american veranda

American Style Verandas

Of course, you don’t have to go completely rustic. You could instead borrow from our friends over the pond and install an American-style veranda, especially if the back of your home lacks any outdoor dining space. American verandas are usually an extension of the roof, which overhangs and outdoor area, supported by wooden beams or columns. Modern American verandas come with composite decking, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the rain getting to the wood. The great thing about verandas is their sheer size. Any veranda that takes up the side of a house is usually big enough to entertain a dozen guests, if not more.

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