How To Protect Your Home From a Break-In


There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day to find that your home has been broken into. It is more than just the things that end up being taken, it is the sense of intrusion that someone has been inside the home that you have worked so hard to make your own. Though there are no total surefire ways that you can protect your home from a break-in, there are a few things that you can do to improve your overall home security. Here are just a few of them that can hopefully give you added peace of mind.

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Look After Your Front Door

Most burglars are opportunistic, so seeing a front door that looks a little shabby and rundown may attract their attention. Paint it every couple of years to keep it looking fresh and put on a new house number if you would like to finish the job off. Make a show of your locks by keeping them well-polished so they deter any potential intruders.

Get the Latest Locks

Advancements are always being made in locks to prevent break-ins from happening, so it is worth speaking to the experts like SJO locksmith services. Keep track of any spare keys you have carefully to make sure that there is no chance that these have fallen into the wrong hands. As well as your front and back doors, you could also consider putting them on all your windows for that added bit of security.

Use Your Garage if You Have One

Expensive items like cars, bikes and the like should be stored in the garage whenever they are not in use. If they are clearly on display all the time, they may attract the attention of thieves. An automatic garage door can give you that last line of defence. If your house only offers on-street parking, try to choose a well-lit area and always double check that you have locked your vehicle.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

Many people don’t put in the extra effort that it takes to get to know their neighbours, but close-knit communities tend to have the edge over those where nobody speaks to each other. You can easily spot strange faces lurking around if you know everyone who lives in your area. If you and your direct neighbours are on the lookout for any strange behaviour going on around each other’s properties, you are much more likely to prevent a break-in.

Consider a Home Security System

Home security systems vary in size and complexity, but simply the appearance of having one outside your house can be enough to put off any potential burglars. Once you have one installed, it is an ongoing effort to make sure that it is used on a regular basis. Though there are likely to be a few false alarms, it can really protect you the one time when intruders actually do try to enter your home.


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