Stop searching for “happy ever after” and get happy right now

It seems we’re all on the hunt for happiness. Whether it’s a dream job, losing weight or winning the lottery, we all believe there’s one amazing thing that will put a permanent smile on our face. 

But instead of reaching for the improbable dream, why not do little things every day that bring a splash of joy into your life?
 Here are a few things that make me happy right now.

Looking back
They say the past is in the past and that you should never look back.  But I love it when a random memory from my youth pops into my head and gives me something to smile about.  If my brain needs a bit of a memory jog, I treat it to an old photo album or a mix tape created by a long ago friend.

How to get your happy hit
An old movie will always brings a smile to my face – Mary Poppins, Casablanca and Singin’ in the Rain all make me feel good and evoke a time already forgotten by so many. 

Staying in
Snuggling up on the sofa in a fluffy dressing gown clutching a toasty hot water bottle is my idea of a good night in. But I draw the line at a mug of hot cocoa.  Instead I swap a warming beverage for a slinky liqueur served in a swanky glass and head to the virtual bright lights of the online casino.  Most sites offer free play, so I’m not taking any big risks, but I do get a buzz out of playing and it gives me a well deserved break from the usual stresses of life.
  How to get your happy hit...
If you’ve never played at an online casino, go to a helpful review site to guide your choice. Try Here for lots of hints and tips. It’s based in South Africa but don’t worry, you don’t have to play in Rands!

Going out
I love being outdoors. Reading a book by a babbling brook while sipping from a flask of tea is one of the most peaceful ways I can think of to spend an hour or two.  Cooking outdoors makes me happy too. I don’t mean burning a man-size steak on the garden grill, but toasting some marshmallows on a stick or baking a foil-wrapped potato in its jacket beneath the still hot embers of an open fire.
  How to get your happy hit
Grab a pile of old postcards and a fountain pen and head off to the park with a picnic blanket. Spend an hour writing quick notes to friends and loved ones and really mean it when you write: Wish you were here . . .

Getting crafty
Creating something new – usually out of something old – can totally absorb me and give me an instant glow.  It’s so satisfying to admire your finished work and when you give your crafts as a gift, you get to bring a smile to someone else’s face too. It’s win/win! 

How to get your happy hit

Paint a pebble, make your own greetings cards or stencil a fabulous image on your bedroom wall. Go to Pinterest, craft shops or the library for more ideas. Even better, join a local craft group.


pink and orange plooms
Do you remember THIS post when the lovely Sally from PLOOMS sent me a lovely red fountain pen? well don't worry if you missed it! I was bragging and I might have bored you a bit! ;D but bragging I was; because I love this pen so much... 


colourful interior
 Now that the nights draw in so early, I have been finding myself watching the evening news with nosy people walking past my house and looking right in at me...usually this time of year I move my settee around to in front of the fireplace,

(see above and below) but I haven't done that yet, so the other day I found myself looking on the internet to find something modern to block out those nosy neighbours!
shabby chic living room
Last year I bought some patterned window film, but that blocked out a lot of the light, as it is something that stays on the window permanently...well until you take it off.

So the other alternative is to get some heavier curtains or a blind to block them out...perhaps that will do the trick! I am still in the deciding stage, I suppose as it is so dark and gloomy out there, it might be a good idea to get the plastic film!

What are you using to block out your nosy neighbours at this time of year and if you have recently bought some window film, how are you getting on with it?

Bye for now

Happy Christmas Pinterest Board



the happy and rosie pout
I've just gotta tell ya, what a lovely time we had last week in London when we went to the Amara Blog Awards!...Rosie and I drove to London all the way from our home near Rochester in Kent.  We left about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and arrived in plenty of time in London to have a look around the shops and have a bit of dinner.

rickshaw at covent garden
The first thing we did was catch a ride on this here, rickshaw....oh the cyclist was so funny!  he was waiting for us just outside the NCP car park and took us to Covent Garden! Now usually you can see me before you hear me! but on this occasion, everyone was looking at the both of us squealing and laughing very loudly, as he rode the bike from side to side and as fast as the speed of light! oh how funny! we had a ball and we had only just arrived!
Happy at and American Diner
...after a bit of shopping, we decided to have some dinner and because I had my lovely Voodoo Vixen Rockabilly dress on it felt just right that we should head into this American Diner! Rosie and I love steak, so here I am having mine with a couple of eggs easy over! and some lovely cheesy chips! Yum Yum!...we were having such a good laugh that we completely lost track of we hurried out of there and caught a London Taxi straight to the Rosewood Hotel...which turned out to be more or less just around the corner...
The Rosewood Hotel happy loves rosie
...And what an impressive hotel it is indeedy! infact I was just saying to Rosie 'I wonder how far it is' when she nudged me and told me to look in her direction and both our jaws dropped! as we approached the archway leading into the courtyard....honestly this hotel is a total dream...oh yes! I could quite easily be convinced to stay here for the night, if I had a spare £1000 that is! yes! a night in this hotel would set you back at least £1000! ...oh a gal can dream ay!
Happy and Rosie at Rosewood Hotel
As we stepped through the doors and along the hallway, we were greeted by the lovely ladies from the Amara team who ticked our names on the list...then we were free to rome around the dimly lit mirror room where there was a plentiful flow of  champagne and cocktails, along with tasty looking canapes to tempt a couple of gals who were already full up on a steak and cheesy chips!
 Amara Blogging Elite Mood Board
Take a look at me here! I never thought I would see the day, that lil ole me would be photographed along with some of my favourite idolistic bloggers...but there I am! cool is that!
Happy and Rosie in the Mirror Room
So in typical Happy style...I took a glass of champagne (I am a teetotal gal) sipped it a few times (probably nerves) put it down and started chatting away to different peeps...and boy can I chat! so after a while...I needed another up I go to the bar (now remember! I had only had a couple of sips of champagne at this point coz I don't see I am a Sagittarius and we can be ever so clumsy at the best of drink and me just don't mix!) and with my large Mary Poppins style bag, I swished it onto my arm and knocked a glass over onto the floor, smashing it to smitherines! (you can't take me anywhere! and point proven!) oh no the embarrassment didn't stop there! no! I then asked the bar man for a non Halcholic drink! OMG! it was so funny! Rosie and I could not stop laughing! Once we start we just can't stop!...
Happy Harris in her Voodoo Vixen dress
Here I am in my lovely Voodoo Vixen plus size dress that I wore especially for the awards...I must say if you need a lovely Rockabilly dress, these are the gals to buy one dress was about £64.00 so not bad at all and I can tell you that I felt a million dollars in it...I received so many compliments...even the barman (and after I disgraced myself) came over to me and said what a lovely dress it was!
Amara Blog Awards
So shortly after the 'said' bar incident, it was time for the ceremony! we all had to be a little hush hush!...The compare forgot her glasses, which was a tad unfortunate making the first few sections a bit school fete raffle' category was second...and I was sure Will from Bright Bazaar was going to win! but she announced him as the runner up! well by this butterflies were having kittens! I thought OMG pleeeeeease let me be the winner! but alas it wasn't to be...The actual Best Colour Inspiration Award went to Little Big Bell...another Mother and daughter team! (strange dat!)
Amara Goody Bag
Our consolation prize was the goody bag, packed with some pretty cool items!
Rosie and I had a fabulous was a day to remember...something to tell the grandchildren!
...and I still felt like a the sheer thought that I was shortlisted, by you, my lovely followers...well for me that is the best prize of know that you still love me, even though my posts have been a bit sporadic of late (i'll let you know about that soon)...
I know I have you all by my side and that Rocks!
so a BIG THANK YOU goes out to you all!

...and please if you are interested...check out the winners HERE

Bye for now my lovelies x




To chase away the Monday blues...let's chill out in my garden and remember that it won't be long before it is Friday again...
vintage lawn mower
  I've got a busy week ahead of me...It's the Amara Interior Blog Awards on Wednesday, for which Rosie and I are going to be driving there. (let's hope we don't get lost!)  The NCP car park is very expensive, but we don't do this kind of thing very it'll be worth the expense!
We have been practicing our chuffed faces for when we don't win lol! Alan Carr has helped us with the kind of face you have to pull and the signal with your finger that you have to do when no one is looking :D
enamel flower pots
And those of you that follow me on Facebook will know that my Freddy (hubs) has been waiting for a tendon operation on his knee for about 3 months now...well he is (fingers crossed) going to be having his op this week! we were cancelled on, a few times last week...which has been terrible and soul destroying...our life has been turned upside down this year...what with one thing and another!
pretty geranuims
Still looking at pretty garden pictures nourishes the soul doesn't it!
union jack
I have a few projects to do today and tomorrow...that is to make some hair accessories and jewellery to match my wonderful dress that I will be blogging about after the Award ceremony...Yes the lovely gals from Voodoo Vixen have kindly given me my dress to wear for the event!
bunting and deckchair
Also I shall be  touching up my red locks...I am going to have to do this a couple of days before, because usually I manage to have a red line around my forehead and the back of my best to do this today!...partly because these days I am as blind as a bat without my glasses on and I have also with age, developed 'clumsyitis'...which doesn't help matters when you are trying to dye your own hair!

Hahaha! Yep I still love me croc's...much to Rosie's disgust!

Oh and by the way...if you have the answer for making me look like a size 12 instead of a size 24...just for the pop round and let me have the secret ;D

So my lovelies...what are you up to this week?
Love ya!