My New Happy Bedroom Finds

I haven’t shown you my My New Happy Bedroom Finds for a while…and boy! there have been quite a few…even the items I buy for my shop end up displayed somewhere in my house as I love everything that I buy and often can’t part with things so easily!  A few weeks ago I bought this beautiful 1950’s muscial box (above) it is painted a cool cream colour with pretty red and pink roses and a blue velvet lining….oh I sooo love it.

I have also decided to keep (from my website) this divine retro ticker…I wanted an alarm clock and thought rather than buy another more modern one…i would purchase this one myself from my own shop lol!  It has everything that most alarm clocks do not have these days…like illuminous hands …a good loud tick, and a wind up alarm!

I have found some pretty boxes and some not so pretty boxes for which I just stick a pretty postcard on…and it makes them look so pretty…look here…a not so pretty box adorned with a vintage post card now looks a dream.

I have been looking for one of these statues for absolutely ages and I happened to pick this one up just the other day…poor thing! he has been broken in quite a few places and stuck together again…there is also a big chunk out of the base,  but with all his flaws I had to purchase him…and do you know what! when I was taking a picture of him…I am sure he winked at me…as if he was glad to be in my happy home 🙂

That beautiful musical box again…oh I so love it.

Didn’t they used to make such beautiful things, back in the day!  The colours and graphics POPPED!

I have noticed!…that I seemed to of bought things of a biblical nature lately…This picture (above) had an awful dark wood frame…so I painted it white and voila!

More pictures…and look at this lovely deer piccy…isn’t it wonderful…I also bought these two little piccies underneath for my shop…but accidentally stood on one…(I am sooo clumsy!)can you see the crack…the one on the left!…so I thought, who would buy that now??? So here they are, looking all cute and lovely on the wall crack and all lol!

I have also purchased more enamel and more artificial flowers…well you should know me by now! 😉

I have also been buying and hoarding scarves, scarves, scarves, i love ’em…and soon I am going to have to get rid of a few as I don’t think there is enough days in the year for me to wear them all! so watch out for that event 😉

And last but not least I have purchased in a local charity shop, this divine ballet print…the colours are beautiful…I did try to capture the colours…as they are so much brighter than the pic shows…but alas it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped 🙁 … but I have added this piccie to my bedroom wall.

 Infact all these pieces, I have placed in my bedroom, as they just worked wonderfully in there…In a couple of posts time i will show you my whole bedroom and where in situ, I have placed them.

 I think I told you a while back that i was going to decorate…or rather add a panel of wallpaper or paint on one of the walls…but alas I still haven’t gotten around to doing that….but I have added more and more furniture and more and more knicky knacks lol!

I hope you enjoyed the piccies of my latest finds,
Bye for now my lovelies…Have a great weekend.

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