I have been meaning to find this picture for a long long time (below)!...

You have got to remember this was taken about a year ago and what with my ''dyspraxic' filing system (I am dyspraxic) of my photo's, I have only just found it! lol!...but I asked Rosie to wash up for me, as I was busy doing other houseworky things!

...and to my surprise she agreed! only to leave it like this...
 All washed up and draining around the corriander that was already there!
Now! that takes skill! lol!

I can't believe she is going to be 18 next week!



  1. Hey Happy, washing up over at your house would be lovely with all those goodies to eye up. ;o)
    Claire. x

  2. Yep, I'm with Claire, washing up looks like fun at your place!!
    Also, I have the same cowboy Cath Kidston mug- it's my favourite!

  3. awww bless her ;-)) Happy birthday for your daughter next week. Your house is a real feast on the eye, dee x

  4. Thats the sort of thing I'd expect from my menfolk - they range from 13 to 44!

  5. Bless! I thought this was how everyone washed up?? x

  6. My girls would wash up like that .....if they washed up :)


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