Vintage Shower Curtain Pressie

Sometimes...when life is getting you down and you think nothing can make it better...a little something crops up and makes all the suffering worthwhile!

More Yuletide Decorating

Well as I said before, these Christmas decorations were put up back in October and I did ask you all for your opinion on Facebook whether I should keep them all up until Christmas or take them down!...and most of you seemed to agree for me to keep them up! and we did for about 10 days...but I did get a bit fed up with them and although I knew it would be a BIG job, I did decide to take them all down.
We usually have them up for my Birthday, which is the 2nd of December, but I know they will not be up by then this year...what with all the commotions that we have had to deal with! lol! 

The Lifestyle Boutique

I think I may have solved the problem to Christmas shopping for 2012! I have found this wonderful new site called The Lifestyle Boutique and it is online, so no rough and tumble with the crowds on the High Street this December!

Christmas Styling for Annabelle Magazine

As promised, here are some of the pictures that I have styled for Annabelle Magazine, they are a Swiss Mag that is printed in German and distributed all over Switzerland and Germany.

 These will not be the actual photographs in the magazine, as i have taken these ones, the photographer for this shoot was the lovely Joanna Henderson.

 As usual, there is plenty to feast your eyes on...As soon as I got home from my Mums in October it was action stations...Operation 'lets get the decs up' lol!...
  And this is the result...needless to say, Jo's pictures do the decorations more justice than mine, as she has state of the art equipment!...but this is just a little snippet of the sitting room...and then a little peek, at the end of these pictures, of the Dining room!
 My Nikon camera died on me today!...I have taken so many pictures on it, I get snap happy lol! has been like an old reliable friend, I shall miss it terribly :( and hope I can find something just as good for a snippet of the price I paid for that one about 7 years ago.
  Still its my birthday soon, so hopefully someone in my family will be sympathetic :)
I'll be bringing you more pictures from that shoot shortly....
I hope these are enough for now to get you in the Chrimbo mood ;)



Christmas Freebies

Happy's Vintage Caravan Club

mums party and shoot 191DSC_0179magbag and caravan 140DSC_0245DSC_0175

Happy's Vintage Caravan Club, a group on Flickr.
I have a new please come on over and join and we can share our Caravan experiences Yay!

Wordless Wednesday

vintage christmas baubles

Christmas Inspirations Past and Present

 Here's a few pictures to get you in the mood for Christmas...These pictures are from my own personal collection of many many vintage and contemporary Christmas decorations that we have decorated with over the years, if you have read my older posts you will of seen these pictures, but I thought it would be nice to show them again here.

Ricotta Cheesecake with Apple Topper - Diabetic Stylie

Everything Happens in Threes

Hello again my lovelies...just signing in, to update you...somebody said in the comments of my last post that these terrible things happen in threes and in between all these shenanigans, My Mother-in-Law slipped over in Market Square and fractured her wrist in two places!...