Max the Wonder Dog…and Why I Love Him so Much!

westie in santa hat
I love our little dog Max so much! He is now 12 years old, he seems to be healthy, he has good teeth, lovely pink ears and a bonny wet nose…we don’t take him for many walks…when he wants to go to the toilet, he scratches the door and he goes out into the garden just to do his business and then as quick as he goes out, he wants to come back in again! Unless he can smell foxes doo doo’s! He just loves to roll around in THAT! Much to my disgust lol! What a dirty little pooch!

dressed westie

 However I do treat him like my baby…I dress him up in altered baby clothes (3-6 months lol) which he loves…well he has always been used to it, so he thinks its the ‘norm’…wherever I go he is not far behind…if he is cosy on the settee next to me and I move, he will never just sit there on his own…no he will follow me! He is my best’est buddy.

I try to feed him on the best food that I can afford, or when we are having meat for dinner I save him some and mix it with plain boiled rice or pasta.

white westie dog

I have always cut his fur myself, he will never allow anyone else to do it…and lately as he is getting older, he gets a bit grumpy with me doing it too, but it has to be done and he does moan a lot…but we all moan a little more as we get older don’t we… when he was a baby, for a couple of years I used to hand strip his fur…and even today, I think he benefited from that, as his fur is still as baby soft today!

cute west highland terrier

Even though he is in the best health for his age I still invest in Pet Insurance, I wouldn’t be without it…he is too precious to me…and just of late, I have noticed that he bumps into me in the dark, so this is something that needs to be investigated in the New Year as when I looked into his eyes the other day they appear a bit cloudy…so looks like he could be developing Cataracts…bless him!

What do you do to keep your pet healthy and do you have insurance or is it something that you are contemplating?

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