February 29th ...

Its the 29th of February...so I couldn't leave the day without marking it with a post....I have used my spare day well...I have made lots of items to go into my shop...I'll let you know when I add them...

Freddy went out for the day with Rosie...he hired a scooter at Bluewater, so he could get around easier...and leave me alone to create :)

When he came home he presented me with a couple of
Happy February the 29th pressie's from Cath Kidston...well you can hardly visit Bluewater without visiting the lovely ladies in her shop now can you!

...and this is what he bought home for me :)

This 'Big up Blighty' Pearly Purse Yay!


This lovely'Red Rose' Feedsack replica Book Bag...

I love them both...thank you sooo much Freddy....oh and of course I had to ask him if he would Marry me again, as I do every leap year :)...and he said he would marry me a thousand times over...ahhhh! I don't think I could ever find another Freddy...he is one in a million...and he is all mine ;)

I hope you had a lovely February 29th xx



The Routemaster Bus is Back!

  Well! here they are...and after a long wait...this is the new version of the old Routemaster bus!...When I saw a glimps of it this morning...all I could think about was OMG! why oh why have they wasted a shed load of money and resdesigned them!
  I thought they were going to keep the old design...
vintage blighty and all that!...

  But they have gone and made it all swanky...and I am not sure that I like swanky!...apparently there is not a lot of space for the mother travelling with a buggy either! tut tut! Boris!
  ...But as I was researching this post...I found that I have been warming to them...getting a side view of the openess at the side...The hop on and off bit...I thought Yeh! I like that design!...and I suppose we have to have a swanky new bus for the olympics eh!
 Oh my! Health and safety ALERT! can I see doors on the 'hop on' 'hop off' bit! OMG!...talk about safety! how many peeps are going to be running for the bus and bust their noses of the safety doors lol!
I do like the new look...being that it is more ozone friendly and all!...but I still hanker after the good ole original Routemasters

There was even room for prams and buggies on this old version! ;)

all pictures from The Independent and This Blog


Spring Is In The Air....

These pictures have been taken from previous posts...in my 5 years of blogging...every now and then I do this, as its nice to see little snippets of my home...especially for my new followers...that perhaps haven't caught up with all my posts yet!

Every week, apparently!....25 minutes of daylight is added to each day...and being that I am a night time person...I can't wait for the extra daylight hours at the end of each day...Roll on the clocks going forward...it can't happen soon enough for me!...as I am a late to bed, late to rise kinda gal...I seem to have so much more creative energy at night and less interruptions!...well apart from the occasional pick ups from nightclubs for my kids! lol.
My geraniums in the garden had been still budding right through Chrimbo and right up until only the other week when we had the snow...now they have completely died and look terrible...
I love geraniums...they are so hardy...I suppose its because we spent so many years holidaying in France...the pretty red flowers next to the french blue shutters were just to die for...and that is the look I always try to create in the garden...reminds me of many great holidays!
Our garden at the moment is looking pretty damn terrible!  I didn't get to cut down a lot of shrubs last year, as, as I said before, it has been a warm winter and a lot of the plants and shrubs were still in bloom...of course now we have had the colder weather, everything looks sooo awful...luckily though the garden is always forgiving and once I have chopped and pruned and a little sun and a scattering of rain (please let it rain a little)...and I know everything will be all hunky dory again!

...and now the weather has turned all spring like it makes me feel like I want to create...and create is what I have been doing...in between hospital appointments for Freddy, Rosie and Max...I have been making all sorts of lovely things with my sewing machine...its funny you know! I have been thinking of making things for ages, and where I have not had the time...as I have had to look after my family...I have spent more time looking on my computer at what i would like to make (happy style) rather than actually getting on and doing it!
...Then...my computer that had been giving up the ghost for ages...finally 'died' for good...and I had a few days without it!...so I replaced it with my sewing machine...and all the time I would have spent looking at it and wasting time dreaming...I have actually got on and made things, in between work chores...

...and oh it feels so good!....creating is what I love, no matter whether it is graphics, decorating or making stuff...I love the feeling of achievement :)

...Oh and I must apologise for my absence...it pains me to see people leave my followers...when I don't blog for a while, but it is sooo understandable!...so just to let you know...my life is very erratic at the moment...its filled up with trips to clinics and appointments for the doctors, as Freddy (my hubby) and Rosie have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and also in the last few weeks we have found out that my Freddy is suffering from Heart Failure...so we are learning to live with those consequences...which has been very tough indeedy!...we have been through every emotion possible...as you can imagine!
...But we are keeping our chins up, good management is what it is all about...so we are in for the 'long haul'....

I love blogging to you gals...and when I can, I will...it might be through fits and spurts...but I will never stop...!

I just thought I had better explain ;)

Anyway...enough of all that!...the sun has got his hat on and I am going out to play ;)


Paw Paw Maxy

Hello...Maxy here!....

Sorry Mummy has not been blogging lately, only it has been a bit hectic here at The Happy House!...you see, I have had a bad paw!  I have been to the vets...lovely place, well they tricked me actually...it was a new place....I thought I was going out for a walk...only I had to get in the car! Phew what an adventure that was!...I loved looking out of the window and got quite excited about all the people and animals that I could see along the way!

When we got there...so many doggies were giving me the eye!...they all loved my dungarees and one Mummy asked if she could take my picture on her phone!...

My Mummy told me to sit down and of course I did as I was told...but i did cry a bit at all the other doggies...coz I would of so liked, to of gone and sniffed them...but mummy said I should sit quietly with her...so I did!

Apparently is was a cyst on my paw...nothing serious! and I was given some tablets...hmmm! I won't be taking them in a hurry!...

When we got home Mummy gave me a few treats for being such a good boy at the vets...! she wrapped what looked like a sweetie in some bread and marmite and rolled them into little balls for me to eat...oh they were sooo yummy...she gave them to me, now and again, throughout the whole week...and sometimes I just swallowed them straight down without chewing!..after those treats..I did start to feel a little drowsy...and fell asleep a lot on the new sofa! 
Even Rosie fell asleep with me sometimes...oh I am sooo spoilt!

...and much to my surprise...my paw started to get better! I don't know why coz I hadn't seen any of those tablets!

I feel fit as a fiddle now!...Oh don't I look handsome!...I sit up this end of the sofa...all the time now...and when I want to look really cute..I pull this face and look at Mummy...she just can't resist me!..she gives me lots of cuddles and feeds me loads of snacks...!
Well I had better go now before Mummy catches me writing this, although if I pull my cute face, I know she will let me off! woof woof!

Bye for now
Love Maxy xx


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day my lovelies...
I hope you all get plenty of cards and chocolates

Heres a little card eye candy to make you smile...

I love these old cards
so sweet aren't they!

Love to all of you on this romantic day...and if you don't get any cards or gifts today! Remember...
Happy still loves ya! ;)


Big Up Blighty with Smeg

I have always wanted a SMEG fridge...and this year I could be a little more tempted than usual, what with these AMAZING colour options ..I have been looking at the different colour combinations and just can't decide...

Although being that it is BIG UP BLIGHTY year...you know, The Olympics and The Coronation and all...I think its going to have to be the 'Union Jack' Smeg for me...I wonder what kind of fridge the Queen has....she really should have a Union Jack Fridge too! don't you think?

What design would you choose?
...And if you already have one...which one did you go for?