The Routemaster Bus is Back!

  Well! here they are…and after a long wait…this is the new version of the old Routemaster bus!…When I saw a glimps of it this morning…all I could think about was OMG! why oh why have they wasted a shed load of money and resdesigned them!

  I thought they were going to keep the old design…vintage blighty and all that!…

  But they have gone and made it all swanky…and I am not sure that I like swanky!…apparently there is not a lot of space for the mother travelling with a buggy either! tut tut! Boris!

  …But as I was researching this post…I found that I have been warming to them…getting a side view of the openess at the side…The hop on and off bit…I thought Yeh! I like that design!…and I suppose we have to have a swanky new bus for the olympics eh!

 Oh my! Health and safety ALERT! can I see doors on the ‘hop on’ ‘hop off’ bit! OMG!…talk about safety! how many peeps are going to be running for the bus and bust their noses of the safety doors lol!

I do like the new look…being that it is more ozone friendly and all!…but I still hanker after the good ole original Routemasters

There was even room for prams and buggies on this old version! 😉all pictures from The Independent and This Blog


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