These pictures have been taken from previous my 5 years of blogging...every now and then I do this, as its nice to see little snippets of my home...especially for my new followers...that perhaps haven't caught up with all my posts yet!

Every week, apparently!....25 minutes of daylight is added to each day...and being that I am a night time person...I can't wait for the extra daylight hours at the end of each day...Roll on the clocks going can't happen soon enough for me! I am a late to bed, late to rise kinda gal...I seem to have so much more creative energy at night and less interruptions!...well apart from the occasional pick ups from nightclubs for my kids! lol.

My geraniums in the garden had been still budding right through Chrimbo and right up until only the other week when we had the they have completely died and look terrible...

I love geraniums...they are so hardy...I suppose its because we spent so many years holidaying in France...the pretty red flowers next to the french blue shutters were just to die for...and that is the look I always try to create in the garden...reminds me of many great holidays!

 Of course it goes without saying that I love Roses...and for a few years now I have been meaning to plant a couple of Rose bushes in the garden...also lavender!...and a Hydrangea...I have always grown lavender in my previous gardens, and I plan to plant it everywhere that there is a gap this year!...

Our garden at the moment is looking pretty damn terrible!  I didn't get to cut down a lot of shrubs last year, as, as I said before, it has been a warm winter and a lot of the plants and shrubs were still in bloom...of course now we have had the colder weather, everything looks sooo awful...luckily though the garden is always forgiving and once I have chopped and pruned and a little sun and a scattering of rain (please let it rain a little)...and I know everything will be all hunky dory again!

...and now the weather has turned all spring like it makes me feel like I want to create...and create is what I have been between hospital appointments for Freddy, Rosie and Max...I have been making all sorts of lovely things with my sewing machine...its funny you know! I have been thinking of making things for ages, and where I have not had the I have had to look after my family...I have spent more time looking on my computer at what i would like to make (happy style) rather than actually getting on and doing it! computer that had been giving up the ghost for ages...finally 'died' for good...and I had a few days without it! I replaced it with my sewing machine...and all the time I would have spent looking at it and wasting time dreaming...I have actually got on and made things, in between work chores...

...and oh it feels so good!....creating is what I love, no matter whether it is graphics, decorating or making stuff...I love the feeling of achievement :)

...Oh and I must apologise for my pains me to see people leave my followers...when I don't blog for a while, but it is sooo understandable! just to let you life is very erratic at the moment...its filled up with trips to clinics and appointments for the doctors, as Freddy (my hubby) and Rosie have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and also in the last few weeks we have found out that my Freddy is suffering from Heart we are learning to live with those consequences...which has been very tough indeedy!...we have been through every emotion you can imagine!

...But we are keeping our chins up, good management is what it is all we are in for the 'long haul'....

I love blogging to you gals...and when I can, I might be through fits and spurts...but I will never stop...!

I just thought I had better explain ;)

Anyway...enough of all that!...the sun has got his hat on and I am going out to play ;)



  1. Never fear my dear there are many of us who are here with you for the long haul!!!! Keep that chin up, those shoulders back and carry on regardless!!!! Post when you can - we'll be here.... lol x

  2. Ahhh keep calm and carry on! I won't ever stop following - yours is one of the blogs that got me into blogging in the first place! LOVE it. Brightens up my day when I open the page. I know what you mean though when you lose followers it's so disheartening, I find it so hard to blog regularly as I'm self employed and have to jump when the work comes so it's all or nothing. Thinking of you. Wish I could say something better than that. Sending you a Big HUG and lots of Irish luck :O)

  3. no worries and no explanation necessary - I read all your posts, regardless how often you post. Glad to hear spring is in the air!!

  4. Well, you can't shake me loose with a stick whether you post often, or not. You were one of the first blogs I found and (being a computer idiot) I did not know how to sign up as a follower for the longest time so I would just google your name everyday to see if you had anything new!;>)

    I am so sorry to hear about your health issues in the family. Life changes in a moment for us sometimes, doesn't it? God bless you as you sort through the changes that you will have to make.

    I love to come here because I always leave feeling HAPPY! xo Diana

    ps-If you get a chance pop by my blog today and sign up for my BLOVERLY giveaway!

  5. Sorry to hear about your family's health problems. Hope everything works out ok. Your blog is always so bright and cheerful. A little splash of colour in an often grey world! xx

  6. Happy thoughts to you and your family. I love your blog and will continue to visit regardless of how often you post. Wishing you and your family all the best.
    Lisbeth in California.

  7. I love your blog and completely understand if you disappear for abit, never fear we'll be here! By the way hows Max?

  8. Happy! Love your Home Pictures! Do you read these Comments? I want to purchase some of your cards with pictures from your home and caravan. If you would let me know the U.S. price I could mail it to you! Witha self addressed and stamped envelope or

  9. Hugs Happy, for you & your lovely family!!! I'm afraid you're stuck with me. I love your blog, you are one of the special people in this world who lifts others with your positive attitude & love of life. I discovered your blog quite a while ago now, & since then I've bought a vintage caravan, & my whole home is slowly filling with beautiful vintage goodies. So thank you for the difference you've made to my life. Jan in Oz

  10. Oh! So sorry to hear about your family's health problems. They are so lucky to have you to look after them - no-one could feel poorly in your lovely cheerful house!

  11. Oh Happy your blog is such a cozy spot. I feel delighted to be able to visit you whenever you have time for a cuppa and chat! Looking after our beloved ones is the most important thing. And making time to actually complete projects is fabulous. I am trying to be a little more action-oriented myself these days. Love and good health to everyone in your house.

  12. We are new bloggers and always enjoy reading your posts! Love the rose-printed purse in your first photograph. Spring flowers have definitely got us buzzing as well :)

  13. These decorations are all so pretty, I really like the fawn ornament.


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