The Power of Love at Christmas

 I have been listening to Magic Radio and they have been having a top 50 countdown to Chrimbo 'Best  songs' number 26 is The Power of Love...and as soon as I heard it...well it makes me go completely cold..I loved this group 'FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD' back in the 1980's and I particularly love this song, as when my Mum and Dad visited Paris for their 25th Wedding Anniversary...that's 25 years ago now, my Dad recognised Frankie and the Band whilst out walking by the Eiffel Tower and introduced themselves and told them what a brilliant band they Dad was 60 years young at the time...he was a Legend and still is in my heart...Frankie was so warm and welcoming and they all had a photo (ill have to dig that out one day)!

 Anyway because of the link and the fact that the words mean so much and also that this video is actually about Christ being born...this is indeed my own No1 Christmas record...because after is CHRIST MASS and I think these days a lot of peeps forget that, in all the Christmas present!
Anyway I just thought I would put it here for you to feel the spirit of our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ and also a little history behind what this song means to me ;)