I hope you are all enjoying the very quick lead up to Christmas...Honestly! I really do not know where the time is going...

I thought I was organised and I am really with all the food buying! well that is if my son stops gormanising everything in sight!...

Phew! its hard work and very expensive keeping a wannabe professional body builder! he has about 8 slices of toast in one sitting!

But as to the present wrapping...well I keep putting that off...I was going to do it yesterday...but I haven't! Whoops!...

I have wrapped all my Mum's presents a couple of weeks ago, so it feels like I have already done my own...but alas its a job that still needs doing! tut tut!...I'll probably end up wrapping them all Christmas Eve lol!

We are spending Christmas Day at Home and then on Boxing Day we are going over to my Mum's for Lunch and then over to my Mother in Laws for our evening tea...so that will be nice....

Speak soon my lovelies



  1. Have a Very Merry Christmas, Happy!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Happy pink Christmas!!

  3. You have a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day, dear Happy, you and all your family. Hugs ~ Mary (Now I'm going to look up Boxing Day and see what it's all about!!!)

  4. Merry Joyous Christmas and Blessed 2013.


  5. A Happy Merry Christmas to all of you Happy..including your dear Mum and of course cute little Max..lol..Hugs

  6. I just found your blog and absolutely love it!


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