Your living room is the place where all the family can gather. It’s the room most often seen by visitors and guests to your home too. It’s where you entertain and where you relax. It’s the room you have your conversations in and the room where you can just veg out in front of the TV. The living room is used more often than any other room in the house. This means it needs to be comfortable, well-equipped, and perfect for social gatherings.

To make sure your living room makes the right impression each and every time, keep the decor fresh. Repainting usually comes round every couple of years in this room. It suffers the most wear and tear because it is used by so many people so often. This season’s hot colours are duck egg blues and cherry reds. You can use wallpaper or a more vibrant shade from your colour palette for a feature wall.
The furniture is important to your room. It doesn’t just provide the comfortable seating and social circle for your friends and family. It also creates the character, and expresses your tastes. You want something that is high quality to last, but also to look good for your home. Browse through the catalogues of makers like Multiyork to see what style most suits you and your home.

Many seating arrangements in the living room are set up to face the TV. If your television is important in the home, then you might choose to purchase a good quality cabinet for it to stand upon. If your living room space is less formal and more comfortable, why not use a wall bracket to mount it on? That way you have gained some extra floor space for additional seating.

  Wall art can create splashes of colour and style for your living room. Pick larger pieces for big walls to create a big impact. Look for art that shares the colour tones of your palette. Swirls are very popular at the moment. Try to find something on a white background, or that include some white lines. This helps it blend in beautifully with white doors and skirting boards.

Painting your ceiling every couple of years brings back the brightness and can help lighten the room. Instead of a ceiling rose, why not have some spot lights installed? These can be cheaper to run as well. Using four or six could help light darker corners of the room. What about some wall lights? These will shine light up toward your newly painted ceiling, reflecting brightness back into the room.
Rugs, curtains and cushions are great because they can be changed or cleaned cheaply and easily. Have them all match your strong colour from your palette this season. This helps them all tie into the room beautifully, creating a very stylish look.

Square rugs are best for a square room. A rectangular shape works well in a long or L shape room. Cushions should be full of texture, and can be mixed and matched. Finally, keep your curtains simple unless they hang in one of your feature walls. You can pick big patterns or stripes to mix it up. Love your living room today.


Bean Bags are hitting the home interior market by storm, cheaper than buying an armchair or Settee, they can be hung up out of the way or stored in a cupboard when not in use.  Gone are the days when sitting on a bean bag was so uncomfortable...that you had obviously drawn the short straw at family get togethers...these new guys to hit the market are strong contenders for interior lovers everywhere!
They come in all sorts of colours and designs to suit the trendiest decor down to the country cottage love them, Dad's fall asleep on them and Mother's read children bedtime stories on them.

Here are some of my favourite styles...

They even sell Bean Bag Settee's! if you want to make that extra committment!
So as you can see, you can pick them up in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days..
In my opinion they are the coolest comfiest home accessory at the moment...
And perfect for snugling next to the fire in the coming cooler seasons.

Are you a fan of the Bean Bag?

Have you bought one for your Kids Bedroom?
Do you lust after one Yourself?


We are a bit inbetween styles at the moment...the MOVE that we have been planning for ages has had a bit of a set back and for now we are just going to stay here...although it not being the best situation, as we have no downstairs loo and Freddy is still sleeping in the 'all singing - all dancing' bed in the dining room...we are going slightly mad, but at least we are going slighty mad together!

We have a new car, which has enabled us to get out and about together.  It has been adapted for Freddy's needs and is more safe for me to drive his scooter and wheelchair in and out of, rather than me running myself over everytime...which is all good, as there was a risk of Freddy's only carer ending up in a bed next to him in the dining room and us both being bed bound! to the style of the house...well imagine two peeps intent on moving, packing up half of their belongings...buying some new stuff for their new house...then house falling through, and them getting depressed!...thus leaving house in total pandamonium! Yep! your've got it! That's us right now! Thank Heavens for the new car!...We are getting out as much as we can to escape the mess that we have now created here!

And to top it all! Freddy now wants a more modern style of living and I don't!
Stupid me really for agreeing that I did in order to start the ball rolling with the move!
My Idea was a pared back look, getting rid of most of the kitsch and sticking to our old style of French shabby chic...kinda like this...

Which is a back to basics approach as this is our old house back in 2008...
less kitsch and more French Chic!

Whereas Freddy is thinking more this kinda thing!

 Found on

He wants this kind of style with more modern pieces and he keeps picking up things that are teal in colour!...all I can say is that it is going to end very very badly indeedy!

what interior style do you like best?



 rosie reviews IRRESTIBLE ME hair extensions white grey hair
Hi ya all...I have worn hair extentions since I was 14...I am 22 now! So that is 8 years of trying out all sorts of brands...high and low end.  I was so tired of the poor quality clip in hair extensions that I could find on the internet and from local shops in my area, that I started wearing 3/4 wig pieces, they are easy to put on and hides the severest of a bad hair day, but are so hot and uncomfortable! So I decided to investigate a little more...