Bean Bags are hitting the home interior market by storm, cheaper than buying an armchair or Settee, they can be hung up out of the way or stored in a cupboard when not in use.  Gone are the days when sitting on a bean bag was so uncomfortable...that you had obviously drawn the short straw at family get togethers...these new guys to hit the market are strong contenders for interior lovers everywhere!
They come in all sorts of colours and designs to suit the trendiest decor down to the country cottage love them, Dad's fall asleep on them and Mother's read children bedtime stories on them.

Here are some of my favourite styles...

They even sell Bean Bag Settee's! if you want to make that extra committment!
So as you can see, you can pick them up in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days..
In my opinion they are the coolest comfiest home accessory at the moment...
And perfect for snugling next to the fire in the coming cooler seasons.

Are you a fan of the Bean Bag?

Have you bought one for your Kids Bedroom?
Do you lust after one Yourself?

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