Freddy and the Olympic Torch

 The Olympic Torch came to our town on saturday (yesterday) at 6.30 am, plenty of people adorned the streets apparently…although I was not there…You see Freddy was supposed to wake me, but he slept in until 8.30 am himself and then popped out on his scooter to get some sundries… 

He timed it just right though!…as, as he was scootering through town, he saw a commotion…so went over to see what was going on…when he bumped into Torch Bearer Mohamed “Danny” Dada (who is a teacher at my sons former Grammar School…apparently he was nominated to be a torch bearer by one of his students for being such an inspirational person)…needless to say it was a perfect photographic moment!

We are so chuffed for him…

Have you managed to get your hands on the Olympic Torch? or if no,t what is the most precious item you have managed to get your hands on?


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