Ebay is a Con !...Check this Out!

Don't be fooled by Ebay's new advert on the radio...!
20 odd free listings per month ay!
How can you resist, not, to sell on their site!

But resist you must, because this is a con!

Previously I had sold a few things on their site and when it came to paying my bill...I found it to be exorbitantly high!...I had a butchers at my invoice...only to find 'in horror' that not only had they charged me a final value fee, but they are also now taking a 10% fee on the postage that I charge!

Hmmm! I did not know this! did you?

so if you have found that a lot of items are rather expensive on the site, it is because sellers are now forced to charge no postage and add the cost of the postage onto their items!

In fact when I ranted to the help desk about it! that is what the guy suggested for me to do!

Why would Ebay do this??...he offered an excuse, something about large companies charging high postage and low retail price, so as not to be charged any fees!...
But why should the rest of us suffer...surely just target those sellers! not punish the rest of us, especially us smaller sellers, which surely are their bread and butter!

So next time you decide to sell on Ebay...remember! nothing is for free!
Ebay might be letting you think that! but it is a con! they are getting their money back ...in fact they are getting double if not more than what they would of charged you in selling fee's...it's a win win situation for them...they charge you postage fee's or they get a higher final value fee!

I thought I would bring this to your attention, just in case you didn't realise!

So I would like to ask you...

Do you think Ebay is overstepping the mark here?
Do you think they are getting to big for their boots?

Have you fallen out of love with Ebay?
Where do you sell now? if at all?

Looking forward to hearing your views...

New Stock has arrived at Happy's Shop

Hello there peeps...as I said before, I have been busy getting things organised behind the scenes here at HLR Headquarters, so I thought I would show you what I have added to the shop recently...

Yep, as usual, my lovely readers get to hear here first, what I have added to my shop...so please get over THERE for a butchers! ;)

 ...and come back here and tell me what ya think!

I am also making some things this week...
Goodness me I have made so much mess!

I have got so much out of the cupboards and everything has ended up on the dining room table!...infact when I am sitting at it...I am hidden behind a big pile of stuff! lol! 

But I am having fun and that's the main thing ay! 

Anyways...back I go to the grindstone....
'see you on the flypaper' as my Old Nanny Hilda used to say!
Bless her ;) 
If you see anything you like (whether you be in the UK or the rest of the world)...remember to email me if you wish to order more than one item and i can send you a discount code for the postage...

Bye for now my lovely blogging friends...

The Bodyguard Rocked!

Do bare with me my lovely friends...I am still behind the scenes...but I am working on my website at the moment...as my home is going to be featured in RELOVED Magazine (the July Edition out on 12th June)...so I want to be prepared!...I'll let you know when it is out...I'll be doing a give-away anyways ;)
If you need me or want to drop me a line regarding being featured on my blog with your vintage caravan...please email me HERE...
Another piece of News is that Rosie. My Mum, My Auntie Joyce and I all went to see The Bodyguard at the Adelphi Theatre last Thursday...and it was fanbloomingtastic!

You have got to go and see it...its like going to a concert...the music is brilliant...we never got to see Beverley Knight as we went to see a matinee performance, but the under study was Joelle Moses and I have got to say, that we thought she was better than Beverley....she totally Rocked the house!...we were not disappointed at all...and at the end....everyone got up and gave them a standing ovation, as Joelle sung 'I wanna dance with somebody' with all the actors from the show, including the dreamy Frank (played by Tristan Gemmill)...there was a lot of older peeps in the audience, but they were all up and dancing to the music, including my Mum and her Sister aged 84 and 82!

So how's that for a Blooming Brilliant time ay!
Honestly folks!...
if you want to go and see a show...
you have gotta go and see this one! I totally recommend it!

Have you seen any good shows lately...
I fancy the Commitments next! Have you been to see that?
Do tell :) x

Bye for now my lovelies...

More Vintage Caravans PLEASE!

Come on then....lets be 'aving ya!...all you guys and gals, that have been inspired enough to buy and 'do up' a vintage caravan...
I want YOU!
 I want to interview more peeps with wonderful vintage caravans (worldwide)...being that there is such a revival here in the UK...
I don't even mind if you have a vintage vehicle that you would like to show off...just drop me a line with your details and I will send you an interview pack, and once you have finished completing it and sending me the pictures...I will upload it to my blog and tag it under the 'Vintage Caravan Interviews' section...

Brilliant if you are smitten about your vintage caravan/vehicle and want to show it off....and get a little publicity!

So if you are up for it please email me @ happylovesrosie

Or leave a comment with a link to you...
and I'll come and get ya :)

Oh and please add this button to your blog....
if you want to spread the word!

To grab the caravan interview button,
Just copy and paste from the scroll bar into your HTML gadget in Blogger.

Jane Blundell's Sampler

I have decided to have another clear out...this place is getting a little crowded again, what with all my whimsy bits and pieces!
 So I have listed a few more items on my website HERE - I hope they meet with your approval ;)  

One of them is this lovely Sampler, that I have pictured here in this post...isn't ti beautiful! It has been stitched by Jane Blundell aged 12 in 1869...how talented, the children were back in the day! 
It is in it's original mount and is backed on board...I love it so, but I also have to pay my bills so I thought I would put it on my website for a few weeks...all the details and measurements of which are HERE 
Even if you do not fancy having it decorating the walls of your own home, I am sure you can appreciate the beauty of this divine embroidery... 
The work that has gone into it!
I wonder how long it took her to embroider it? 
I am almost talking myself out of selling it...it is so pretty and would look stunning in a pretty cottage enviroment... 

Your Bedroom...The sitting room, or even your craft room! 
So go on over and have a look..I will be listing more items this week and next so keep watching out over there ;)

Bye for now my lovelies xx


I made this lucky horseshoe for the Bride of the wedding I went to with my Mum a couple of Saturday's ago... (I blogged about it here)

I started by drawing freehand a horseshoe shape on some cardboard and cut it out...I then covered it with ribbon and sewed it into place...I then found my trusty old friend 'the glue gun'...wow! I had forgotten how brilliant that thing is for sticking stuff...I whiled away the time sticking new and vintage buttons to the shoe, I occasionally glued my fingers to the shoe too...Phew that thing is hot! :)

 But as I carried on and detached my fingers!...it QUICKLY began to look beautiful...
As well as buttons I attached paper flower elements and resin cabochons with lace and diamonte's...I created it in the evening and Freddy had already gone to bed...but in the morning, he told me that it was beautiful and that he wanted to keep it for our bedroom...(bless)

...and here it is...all finished and ready to take to the Wedding for the Bride and Groom on their wedding day...I made it to match her Wedding colours and it did perfectly!

What a lovely gift and so easy to make....ALTHOUGH the Bride only had it on her wrist for about 5 minutes before it was chucked on a table and covered up by table flowers, so that no-one else could see it! lol! I don't think they get me!

Still its the thought that counts don't you think?