I have found the perfect little heater, I actually bought it for my caravans, but at the moment it sits pride of place in the Sitting Room...the pictures here show it switched off...but when it is switched on, the coal lights up and look like a real fire.

It has really come in handy of the winter and I have saved a fortune on the gas central heating...and being on a key meter, I have found that it is very economical with electricity too!...there is an option of two heat settings and you can also just have the lights on...which makes it feel warm in the room even with no heat coming out!

 I will eventually be moving it out to my new caravan when all the work is finished...but I think I might have to get another one, as I will miss it in the Sitting Room, as even in the summer it can get chilly in there, our cottage is a very cold house indeedy!...

There is a couple of colours to choose from, but I am recommending this dimplex heater to all you fellow Caravaners out there, as it not only looks good...its a perfect little size and is very economical too!

What piece of Caravanning kit would you recommend?


  1. What a great find! I will be looking at them.

    Amy Jo

  2. Very cute! We could use a chilly little house over here right now. Having another heat wave in Southern California.

  3. So what's the name of the Heater and the company making them? Probably not available in the states?

  4. I'm looking for something economical and effective for those days when you need some heat, but really don't want the c/h on. Thanks so much for posting about this little beauty!

    Ali x


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