Take a Peek into Happy’s New Bedroom

valentines day and matalan @ happy loves rosie

I thought I would let you take a peek into our new home and show you how my bedroom is coming along…It’s is so bright and welcoming and such a joy to spend time in there! I have had so many good sleeps in this bright and pretty room, I feel like I have been on holiday…I feel recuperated, especially after all that moving house and all!

bedspreadthelove @ happy loves rosie with Matalan

I have decorated it almost the same as in our old house, but have added a few extra bits and bobs…The dressing table is new…It was a bargain buy from Ebay at only £44.00! It needs a bit of work as there is a painted 1980’s pink bow border over it, but that is something that I am going to have to sort out over the next few months.

Also I now have proper drawing curtains! woohoo! Yes I managed to get a friend of ours to put up curtain poles in each of the bedrooms and it is Bliss!  You know how many curtains I was saving and how much vintage material I have collected over the years!  I have got to make the curtains for my craft room next door yet…but i know i will have plenty of choice in material to make them from!

happy loves rosie logo bedspread

 I am not sure about the blue unit or the mirror above the chest of drawers either, but its staying for a couple more weeks until I decide where else to put them… The chest of drawers and mirror served as a good dressing table, but now I have the new dressing table…I now have two…so I am going to have to jig it all around again at some point!

happy loves rosie vintage bedside table

One thing though, that really makes the room pop! Is the lovely sheet that I designed as a one-off from Matalandirect.com

Isn’t it beautiful!…I gave them my logo flower to print out onto a kingsize sheet to really ‘happyfy‘ my bedroom and it has turned out to be one stunning piece of kit!

matalan #Bedspreadthelove

As you can imagine I am thrilled with it…You all know how much I love my bedding!  This is going to be a family heirloom I just know it!

vintage coat an cath kidston laundry

At the moment I can’t add any pictures to the walls, because of the warranty on the house, which ends in October…I am currently looking into other alternatives to at least put something on the walls…perhaps vintage style wall stickers or using some kind of velcro sticker that doesn’t mark the wall…If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them…

whimsy bedroom collectibles with happy loves rosie

What do you think of my new bedroom?
…and more importantly my new bespoke Bedspread?
Have a great weekend my lovelies.

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