Friday, 9 May 2014


So I had a wedding Invite!...& these days, as I am getting older, invites are few and far between...but after my stepfather Reg died last October..(my mum and Reg weren't married, but I knew him as my dad for 25 years)

...I was cordially invited to take his place and take my Mum to Reg's Granddaughter's Wedding...so needless to say I had to make myself some pretty jewellery to wear with my outfit...

I managed to find a dress that I would never usually wear, (I am a jeans gal) in a Charity Shop near me...it was a 'Proper' Rockabilly dress, made by 'Vivian of Holloway' a black sleeveless number  with a gathered skirt to the knee...I tried it on and thought Yep I can work with this and readily handed over the £6 purchase price. (if you are a smaller size, there are plenty of alternatives HERE) 
At first I thought I shouldn't wear black to a wedding, but out of respect to our lovely Reggie,  I thought I would be forgiven.  I decided to add pink and green which also matched my old but hardly used Cath Kidston doctors bag which was decorated with pink and green flowers on a cream background and decided that these colours would be ideal to make my accessories in...therefore bringing the whole outfit together...

I decided to purchase a plus size netted black petticoat and a fuschia satin bolero jacket as these are soooo 1950's in style and in a last minute bid on Ebay, I also won this lovely black chiffon jacket decorated with pink and green roses...and to complete the whole look I bought some lovely pink kitten heel court shoes...I tried it all on a couple of times to meet with my Hubby's approval and he loved me in it ;)

Now to make the accessories...

First I made the necklace, I used a coated metal wire to thread the beads that I bought at the Excel Jewellery Fair a few weeks ago (lol I didn't even realise this was the colour I wanted when I purchased them!) I cut circles of 4mm felt and adhered the buttons and rose cabochons to them to form the main part of the necklace...then Freddy had a brainwave and asked me if i would like him to cut flowers out of the felt with his Vagabond cutting machine...for which I thought was a brilliant idea...and look at how it turned out once I had sewn the flowers on...

so I also made a brooch, a ring and a bracelet...
...and I so loved wearing them with my outfit...
I also managed to get a lovely flower clip ... isn't it lovely.
So all in all, I had created a lovely outfit for which I felt totally gorgeous in...I know I did because my Hubby, my Rosie and my Mum told me so ;) 

 This picture was taken rather late in the evening and in the bathroom of our room...so I apologise for the toilet roll in the background larrrrf!
I wore the pink bolero in the day and this one in the evening.
A picture of my Mum and me...she's getting good at posing for selfies these days ;)

I also made the newly wed's a lovely button horseshoe,
but I'll show you that next time...

Have you been invited to a wedding lately and if you have...
did you make anything for it?
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