Don't be fooled by Ebay's new advert on the radio...!
20 odd free listings per month ay!
How can you resist, not, to sell on their site!

But resist you must, because this is a con!

Previously I had sold a few things on their site and when it came to paying my bill...I found it to be exorbitantly high!...I had a butchers at my invoice...only to find 'in horror' that not only had they charged me a final value fee, but they are also now taking a 10% fee on the postage that I charge!

Hmmm! I did not know this! did you?

so if you have found that a lot of items are rather expensive on the site, it is because sellers are now forced to charge no postage and add the cost of the postage onto their items!

In fact when I ranted to the help desk about it! that is what the guy suggested for me to do!

Why would Ebay do this??...he offered an excuse, something about large companies charging high postage and low retail price, so as not to be charged any fees!...
But why should the rest of us suffer...surely just target those sellers! not punish the rest of us, especially us smaller sellers, which surely are their bread and butter!

So next time you decide to sell on Ebay...remember! nothing is for free!
Ebay might be letting you think that! but it is a con! they are getting their money back fact they are getting double if not more than what they would of charged you in selling fee''s a win win situation for them...they charge you postage fee's or they get a higher final value fee!

I thought I would bring this to your attention, just in case you didn't realise!

So I would like to ask you...

Do you think Ebay is overstepping the mark here?
Do you think they are getting to big for their boots?

Have you fallen out of love with Ebay?
Where do you sell now? if at all?

Looking forward to hearing your views...


  1. I've stopped selling since they bought the new rules in, and I used to sell a lot on there so I don't know where to turn now! All they care about is profit for them, screw the sellers! It's such a shame, it used to be a great place xx

  2. YES I have fallen out of love with Ebay! They used to be good to us small people but now they have jacked their prices up so much that we cant make a buck anymore! Its not fair and I protest! :-)
    Thank you Happy for summing this up {in nice words}

    Smiles, Dolly

  3. Yes, I do think Ebay are getting too greedy now and it's the last place I would sell anything now. I rarely sell any stuff now but when I do I tend to use the local free ads. It takes a little longer but when stuff sells I get cash in my hand and no fees. I do feel sorry for small honest businesses on Ebay now, they are getting ripped off with spiraling fees through no fault of their own.

    Linda xx

  4. I've noticed that from a buying point of view EBay is no longer the attractive option it once was either and this is a result of their charging policies to sellers. Sellers have to pay postage charges (which in themselves have gone up), it's not an additional profit to them so of course if Ebay charge them 10% of that price they need to charge more in the first place. Stupid policy if you ask me. Linda xxx

  5. Ebay is no where near as good as it used to be. It is another instance of large companies putting profit before anthing else. Vote with our purses I say, don't use them.

  6. I gave up on eBay a year or two ago, it just stopped being worth it, especially for the everyday seller/buyer when I was having clear outs or home. With Music Magpie etc whilst you don't 'earn' what you could when you weigh in time and the fees etc it makes more sense.

    I often wonder about setting up my own version of the old eBay! I remember fondly getting myself out of debt eBaying back in the day and it got me through a month of unemployment - I could never manage that now.


  7. As a 15+ year seller on ebay, I can tell you that I hate selling on there with every fiber of my being. It has turned into one large discount department store with nothing but cheap junk for sale. When ebay first started, you could find such unique finds and for a good price. It is way too time consuming and too expensive to sell on there now. Besides, the Mom and Pop shops as we call small/family/home based businesses here have been cast out because they can't compete with the large department stores and others who have no business on ebay. I sell on Etsy almost exclusively and I am very happy that it has not gone the way of ebay. With ebay, every week there are more changes, more rules and rules upon top of rules. No thank you.

  8. eBay lost its way some time ago. I know a number of crafters who do well with Etsy. Might be worth looking at them.


  9. Agree that Ebay have got too greedy, they could regulate P&P by limiting how much can be charged rather than adding 10% on. The problem is what is the alternative? there is no real competition so they get away with it.


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