Come on then....lets be 'aving ya!...all you guys and gals, that have been inspired enough to buy and 'do up' a vintage caravan...
I want YOU!
 I want to interview more peeps with wonderful vintage caravans (worldwide)...being that there is such a revival here in the UK...
I don't even mind if you have a vintage vehicle that you would like to show off...just drop me a line with your details and I will send you an interview pack, and once you have finished completing it and sending me the pictures...I will upload it to my blog and tag it under the 'Vintage Caravan Interviews' section...

Brilliant if you are smitten about your vintage caravan/vehicle and want to show it off....and get a little publicity!

So if you are up for it please email me @ happylovesrosie

Or leave a comment with a link to you...
and I'll come and get ya :)

Oh and please add this button to your blog....
if you want to spread the word!

To grab the caravan interview button,
Just copy and paste from the scroll bar into your HTML gadget in Blogger.


  1. I love to see all pis from caravans. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Happy I sent your post to a few friends :)

  3. I am trying to soread the word Happy. I hope it helps. Xxo

  4. Can't wait to see all the caravans.

  5. Sounds Like Fun! Wish I had one to tell you about!

  6. I love the caravans , they are beautiful x

  7. I'm currently working on my tenth trailer .. it's an addiction. 1958 Terry Rambler .. almost done! One I finished and recently sold can be seen here:

  8. It was you that inspired me to do up my caravan, but I am afraid that we never got to use it so sold it :-(
    Photos can be found on my blog, there are actually two on there, but the first one, re-vamped a few years ago is the best!!! xx;postID=8477834131051838049;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=11;src=postname


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