Hen Night Inspiration

You’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid by your best mate. What an honour, what a privilege and what a responsibility now lies at your door!...While being a bridesmaid can be great fun, the main thing you’ll have to get right is the bride’s traditional send-off from singledom into the world of wedded bliss – the hen night. While some people might leap at the chance to organise this, others might feel out of their depth with the whole idea of co-ordinating a night out or weekend away for a group of women, some of whom they might not know all that well.

Wednesday is Shopping Day with Happy

I love going shopping, but these days, its easier to surf the web, as my knees aren't what they used to be and if I walk more than 50 yards I get back ache! lol! Yep its official! I am overweight and very unfit!Oh don't get me wrong...I do go out to the shops, mainly with my lovely Rosie and Daz, I walk along with them like I don't have a problem, I put a brave face on my aching bones, as I love being with them so much and its good to get an occasional airing...

Don't let the weather get you down!

We’re well into winter and we all know what that means - lousy weather!... Although crisp, bright mornings are beautiful, it’s more likely that most of us will endure damp, grey, mizzly days and nights as we head through November and into the Christmas season.
 Well...here’s how to make the most of long, dark nights and cold, wet days. which can bring on the winter blues for some people. 

Get creative at home

Getting up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark can leave one feeling rather blue, but coming up with new and different ways to have fun with friends and family in the winter evenings can help throw off even the darkest winter blues.
Film nights, board game evenings or crafting circles are all ways to get your friends round, have some fun together and not spend a lot of money. And, the more people around you, the cosier you’ll feel!
Get out and about

During the day wrap up well and take long winter walks. There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying the cold air and early sunsets while warming the blood and getting in the mood for festive times.

 Christmas shopping is also a fun thing to do - if you time it right. Avoid Saturday mornings and try and go as early as possible. Take the family and make it a fun trip out with dinner at your favourite restaurant to top it off.
 Get pub quizzing with your mates

Going to the pub doesn’t necessarily mean loud music and dodgy dancing. That old stalwart, the great British pub quiz is a fab way to get your mates together and do something fun - and you might win, of course!

 If you’ve been heading to the same pub quiz for years, why not mix it up and try a different way to play. Speedquizzing is the new fad in pub quizzes and it’s spreading all around the country. Basically a pub quiz that uses smartphones and a centralised source of questions, it’s cheat proof and much speedier and more fun than an old style quiz. Finding a smartphone quiz in your area is easy - all you need to do is search Speedquizzing on Google and you’re sure to find one near you.
All you need is one smartphone or tablet in your team and to download the free app. You’ll then be able to answer the questions via the phone and use it as a buzzer for quickfire rounds. As the answers go straight to the computer there’s no boring gaps waiting for your answers to be marked. It basically brings the pub quiz bang up to date. 

Latest Shop Arrivals

These are my new arrivals to The Happy Loves Rosie Shop...
 Please click on the pictures to view the purchase page and details...

 I hope you like what I have to offer...more will be arriving soon.

Heart It  

Freddie's Craft Space

Do you remember HERE, I said that I would show you
the new space that we have made in the Sitting Room for Freddie to
create his wonderful Art!

Well I thought I would show you it now, as it has been a while! hasn't it!
We have added the horrible green draw unit (which was in our bedroom) to the ensemble, as you can see it has been given a lovely makeover, by painting it with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint (I love that stuff!) and decoupaging it with pretty papers.
Freddie uses many mediums to create his collages and he desperately needed a light and airy space to work in...
So rather than making the Sitting room, just a room we watch the TV in, we decided to put a desk underneath the window to create this special creating space for him.
...and what a difference it has made for him! 
He has somewhere for everything, I have even bought in the old wicker shopping trolley for him to store all his paints and papers, all neatly tucked underneath the table.
It really is a dream of a space, I don't know why we didn't think of it before!



 Fresh, fun and beautiful, this collection of wallpapers by Studio Ditte is one that you will love having in your home!  Digitally printed, this Trompe l'oeil wallpaper collection features an array of 3-D effects and images which all look real and what is also great is that you paste the glue directly onto the wall.

From inspiring birdhouses, bright buttons to colourful robots and pretty porcelain plates, the Studio Ditte wallpapers are perfect to create a stylish kids bedroom although most of them will look amazing pretty much anywhere in the house. 
Another trend that I am loving is these Repro Eames Chairs, I prefer these wood legged versions as they remind me of Ercol too...all of that era and so in vogue at the moment....Click on the picture and it will take you to a website that I have found that sell these chairs for a rock bottom price...

I just love cuckoo clocks and managed to bag myself one in the Pound Store a few months ago, it is still working and is one of my favourite things....one day...perhaps i will treat myself  to the real McCoy...
I have a thing about sewing boxes lately and I love this one by Cath Kidston, but I have also seen many others for a lot cheaper...check this one out HERE and HERE

I love these garlands...first seen on Etsy. a good few years ago..
they are now everywhere and a lovely alternative to bunting...

Perfect for decorating Vintage Weddings and Children's Bedrooms...

I hope you like my favourite trends....

What are your current favourites?