Happy’s Bathroom Makeover

shabby chic bathroom

 Well I promised you the pictures of my bathroom makeover and here they are…really all I did was paint the walls duck egg blue and moved in a whole lotta stuff, but I think we did good….

pretty decorated bathroom

Rosie helped me paint the walls…she used the paintbrush and I, the roller…I use radiator rollers to paint walls, I find that the paint goes on easier and more evenly…Rosie did try the roller but it did splatter a bit and she didn’t want to ruin her tan 😉
early cath kidston make up bag
It was very easy moving my bits and bobs in, I had been saving things that I have been buying on my trips around Blighty and adding a few shop bought delights into the equation.

vintage decor bathroom

 I have been collecting Cath Kidston pieces for years now and as you can see from the laundry bag hanging on the locker this dates back a good few years ago…infact probably when she was only 2 years old 🙂

bright and pretty bathroom shelves

I have also bought cheapies too! As the towels above and below on this retro unit were from Primark…or Primarni as we call it! They cost me £5 each and they are bath sheet size…the lovely spots and flowers and BIG UP BLIGHTY Union Jack really look good on this unit, and plus, I really couldn’t bring myself to pay the CK price tag for towels…especially with the amount of hair that gets dyed in this bathroom…

 union jack bathroom rug

 Yes that is my bath and don’t worry I haven’t painted it blue too!…No! it is actually full up with water! lol! as just as I decided to take some piccies, Rosie decided to run a bath! doh!

spotty bathroom towels

 The spotty pink and white towels are from Asda, they cost me £6 each…they are lovely and thick and soft and soooo worth the money! Also the bag is a homemade one, made from CK material, that I bought from a local craft fair…isn’t it just yummy!

marks and spencers spotty shower curtain

…The 1970’s teak retro unit, (above, now painted white) I bought ages ago…we decoupaged it a while back, but I hated it and never took any piccies of it…but it looks fabulous painted white and looks so at home in the bathroom…it didn’t have any shelves so I pushed in this lovely metal basket which fits very snugly, which helps to keep it in place. ( I know what ya thinking!…No Rosie isn’t in the bath yet! lol)

 pretty vintage bathroom

I bought this beach hut fabric in Whitstable and made this cushion and the pictures I found at an Antiques Fair…

cute retro bathroom

 I hope you like my locker sticker, Freddy found this amoungst some papers that he bought…and I just had to stick it on this cupboard.

french enamel bathroom

 The shutters either side of the window are CD racks that I bought years ago…I was going to try and sell them, but they are a bit worn and some of the slats are uneven…and anyway I had a brainwave that they might look good as lookalikey shuttery type thingies…Now I am not very good at DIY but I found a hammer and a nail….and hey presto they are up!…Just don’t walk too close to them! 😉

bathroom shutters

 Artificial flowers again!!! ahh! they are doing so well in the window!

bathroom roses

 Can you remember the bathroom before…it had cream coloured walls, but I so love this duck egg! I think it makes colours POP, especially white and pink…oh yes loverley!

vintage bathroom pictures

I hope you liked my Bathroom Makeover pictures and that they have inspired you to decorate a room in your house…

Bye for now my lovelies xx

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