Our Lovely Reggie

It has been a very sad time for us these last few days, for on Thursday 24th October my Mum’s partner of 23 years, Reggie, died of Pneumonia. He was one of life’s lovely people, he never had a bad word to say about anyone, he was gentle and kind and had a brilliant sense of humour…and we all loved him so dearly…

 My children always thought of him as their Granddad, as he treated them, Freddy and I, as his own family and we would often go on holidays together when the kids were young to Norfolk and Devon and all had a jolly good time……And although at the beginning of their relationship, I was a little jealous, I soon accepted him into my heart, because he was such a kind and loving man…it was easy to love him as a father…you see my own Father died when I was 21 and at the time I thought no-one could fill his shoes, but Reggie, being Reggie, was so easy to love, as he took care of my Mum and worshiped the ground she walked on and that was good enough for me…

As you can imagine, we are all heartbroken…the pain is so bad…We have lots of lovely memories of him…meals out (he loved to go out to a restaurant) trips to see the shows in London, Holidays, family get together’s etc etc…but oh how we wish that God did not take him from us so soon!

He had a good life, he went on lots of holidays with my Mum, they visited Australia, Hawaii, Las Vegas, they went on cruises around Europe and I am sure they have visited most of Britain too!I have been staying with my Mum, keeping her company and the day before Reggie died, one of his dying wishes were that me and Mum get on better together…well needless to say, this has bonded us no end and everytime we have a little disagreement, we soon get over it and tell each other what Reg said to us…Bless him xReggie’s Funeral is on Tuesday and I know it will be a big turn out, as so many people have been ringing and sending cards and they are all telling us what a lovely Gentle – Man he was and how they would like to come and pay their respect.Please all pray for Our Family and Friends, to help them all get through this sad sad day…Thankyou x
To our lovely Reggie…Until we meet again my lovely – you will forever be in our hearts xxx
1924 – 2013


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