Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

I have been humming this tune on and off for a while now and it wasn't until the other day, when Rosie plugged her itunes into the car stereo and played the full version, I realised that I had to know who this band was! 

'its from the Peugeot advert' she replied!
'It's called HOME by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros...
I knew you would like it'!

And with that we played it all the way to the shopping center and all the way back again...singing it at the top of our voices, its such a happy tune...

Its not a new single...I think they released it in 2009! but when you dig deeper and read all about them...well they are a lovely bunch of souls...I sure do hope that one day they will tour the UK, because we would definitely love to see them live...

Anyways...watch the video below...and see if you too, feel as happy as we do, whenever we listen to it...and if you feel the need to sing it out loud then we'll be there with ya too ;)

Happy Wednesday my lovelies xx



retributions muse

Loui Jover
It always amazes me the amount of talent there is around the world, especially now with social media, we can switch on our computers and see what someone has created that afternoon in every country we choose...

Happy's Autumnal Spruce Up

I decided the other day that my 'lean too' out the back of our house which we call the 'Cold House' needed a bit of an Autumnal clean and spruce up!...it had got to that awful stage where everything had been 'dumped' there over the summer and I was itching to make it look lovely again...
Plus I had bought a couple of old shelf units over the summer (the pink one) and wanted to put, one of them, in here...

I have been feeling a little 'cluttered' over the last few months...as I have visited a few flea markets and vintage fairs lately and if I happen to find something I like...I don't ever think, I just don't have the space...I just go ahead and buy it, especially if it is in my price range...
So once the new shelf was up, I had more room to display my wares.
 Ta Da! all neat and dandy and plenty of empty storage space to start filling up again :)))...Bring on the next flea market! ;)

oh and please tell me what you have been sprucing up lately?
It so feels like Autumn now don't you think...especially with that little chill in the air!


Vintage Caravan Interviews - Jenny Sales

Hello my name is Jenny Sales and I live in Louth, Lincolnshire and this is our vintage 1984 compass caravan...She came to us as a complete filthy wreck and we gutted her inside and gave her a good scrub then paint job for which we turned her from a monster caravan into our summer haven. 

We bought her from Gumtree for £300 with free delivery in November of last year, but once they delivered her...they drove away at great speed!...Luckily I had already intended to rip out the inside! so dog chewed cushions, smelly brown nylon curtains and broken windows, didn't worry me straight away!

The neighbours all either laughed at her or looked down their noses, like I had lowered the tone!...but I so wanted the caravan for some office space in my garden that did not need planning or red tape, but also gave some artistic freedom and since finding Happy's Blog, she gave me brilliant inspiration for creating that space... 
I managed to pull and kick the Bathroom, Kitchen, Seats and old fashioned Cupboards out!...PMT helped a lot :). But I didn't start to super clean with bleach and paint until March of this year as it was just too cold...but once the weather started to improve, I think she took approximately 6 months to renovate working on her, on a part-time basis.

We use Summer as an Office, a lovely chill out space, she is very tranquil and I read the Tarot Cards so she is the perfect space to take clients...as now she smells like flowers...
Inside she has a little electric fire, a standard lamp and a little record player for the full vintage feel.  We have also managed to fit a double bed settee, in fact once she was gutted she was a lovely size.  She has been decorated in the style of cute, pretty, feminine, summery and Kitsch with a BIG Splash of HAPPY Style...I also think she looks very English.

We  won the fab ready made wood steps on Ebay for £65.00 which means we can now sit on a balcony...drinking tea and eating cupcakes. 

The standard lamp is my favourite item in the caravan, we bought it in charity shop for £4.99 and had to carry it all the way through town.  It was so scratched and stained, but after I had painted the base and my clever Mum had recovered the shade with red and white polka dots and black pom poms the lamp looked totally different...we are now addicted to up-cycling!

I already had a lot of the items in the caravan around the house, the little fire and bed settee were mine, the red clock was a Dunelm's buy for our kitchen last year, the little glass cabinet I have had for years, but I had to saw one of the legs off! to fit it over the wheel arch ;)

The rest we bought online and they were mainly Ebay wins...

Four caravan windows was my best buy @ £14.99

The black and white floor £43.50 Ebay

Little painted tea trolley £25.00 Ebay.

and my favourite buy was the Cath Kidston Rosali 

fabric 10 meters for £43.50 on Ebay again!

Also the interior paint we used was Milk by Crown Paint.

We didn't fancy wallpapering the roof as it had taken a bashing when I had removed the walls, so we insulated the roof with silver radiator insulating rolls and then staple gunned the Cath Kidston fabric onto the end walls and all across the roof...it gives Summer a soft feel.

I also bought some large external decal stickers from Amazon, Peonies, butterflies and roses and I stuck them all over a little 'dink' on the white roof, i then applied 3 coats of Yacht varnish...and it looks really pretty, you cannot see the 'dinks' now!...It's funny because everyone thinks that I painted the flowers!

I was inspired to paint the exterior of my caravan green because I couldn't get Happy's magical caravan out of my head...also green is the colour of prosperity.  I also have a wishing well in the garden for which I had already painted green.


Thank you Happy Harris, you have the Happiest style...I am now converted to colour..

 I used to be a dark red and Black girl, but now colours, 

flowers and cute is my new canvas… it definitely makes life happier!

The work on the caravan was a lot harder than I thought it would be, maybe I wouldn’t have started the project had I have known… but my caravan was a real monster and I say that now, when sitting in Summer.. surrounded by the prettiness that it was really worth doing.. I just love the new space we have made…

She is the female equivalent to the Mans shed!You can visit Jenny HERE to say Hello

all written in Jenny's words...if you fancy joining in, in the vintage caravan interviews...please click HERE...where you can email me to tell me your story..

I would love to hear from you xx

Look What's NEW

 I have just added some new blog banners into my shop...they have a more modern feel to them...click on the picture above to be taken to that page :)

I hope you like them 



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Catherine Reeves Vintage Caravan

Catherine is from New Zealand and wanted to show you her lovely Vintage caravan, so please sit back and enjoy the read and her beautiful pictures...
One morning, just before Easter, I found a message on Trade me, an unexpected listing that took my breath away & captivated my heart; a listing for an adorable shabby chic vintage caravan.  I kept going back to have a look at it again and again, that's when the dance began...twirling round and round in my heart, flipping my emotions as if I was caught in the waves on the edge of the ocean and couldn't walk out. "Yes, do it..no I couldn't possibly..don't be ridiculous..besides, surely you don't really need this caravan, there's just some kind of emotional response going on here so you'd better figure it out & let it go..." But the attachment persisted and somehow (this was the biggest thing I had done in all my life)...I made it through the process & bought her!!!!  I bought her on a "buy-now" as free delivery was a part of the deal.  she was living in Nelson in the South Island, that's across water & a long way away! 

Turn your room into a nostalgic paradise

Turn your room into a nostalgic paradise

Retro glam is fully back in vogue, which is great for those of us who love the stylings, colours and materials of yesteryear. It also means that prices have been going up and often you find yourself searching through vintage stores with absolutely rip off prices. But there are ways to get the nostalgic feel for your bedroom, without breaking the bank or falling prey to dealers who have hiked their prices up.  
The first thing to do is to decide on your colour scheme - are you after soft Victoriana or 50s retro colours? Once that’s decided consider how you can strip and paint your walls yourself.