I decided the other day that my 'lean too' out the back of our house which we call the 'Cold House' needed a bit of an Autumnal clean and spruce up!...it had got to that awful stage where everything had been 'dumped' there over the summer and I was itching to make it look lovely again...
Plus I had bought a couple of old shelf units over the summer (the pink one) and wanted to put, one of them, in here...

I have been feeling a little 'cluttered' over the last few months...as I have visited a few flea markets and vintage fairs lately and if I happen to find something I like...I don't ever think, I just don't have the space...I just go ahead and buy it, especially if it is in my price range...
So once the new shelf was up, I had more room to display my wares.
 Ta Da! all neat and dandy and plenty of empty storage space to start filling up again :)))...Bring on the next flea market! ;)

oh and please tell me what you have been sprucing up lately?
It so feels like Autumn now don't you think...especially with that little chill in the air!


  1. Your pink shelf is lovely! I see you have such an eye for displaying nicely. I am a new subscriber~ ♥♥♥

  2. Love the pretty pink shelves. What a fun place to put all your happy stash of cool stuff!
    Everyone needs a cold house! lol

  3. I have been in a cleaning mood lately. I cleaned out a bedroom that hasn't been touched for quite some time. I straightened up my sewing shop to be ready for Christmas sewing and last but not least, my husband and I painted our old cellar in our one hundred year old house, white and I washed every canning jar I owned and cleaned everything. Now I don't dread going into the cellar. Still need to get rid of the crickets that like living down there.


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