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Loui Jover

It always amazes me the amount of talent there is around the world, especially now with social media, we can switch on our computers and see what someone has created that afternoon in every country we choose…


Tran Tuan

I have always been a lover of art and have often visited the galleries in London…especially when I need a bit of inspiration…something in those canvasses can spark an idea to make something or create some canvas of my own and it is also great escapism…

Taylor Street 103

KJ Schumacher
United States

It takes me forever and an age to browse around galleries…Freddy darts around on his mobility scooter and although I could never go that fast!…I do like to stare at a picture or a sculpture for a long time, you know, to get the feel of it…and to try to understand how the artist arrived at the finish…


Carl Jennings

One of my favourite places to visit has got to be The Saatchi Gallery, on the Kings Road, they feature many up and coming contemporary artists of which their work can blow your mind…as well as old favourite’s like Damien Hirst and Rachel Adams.

One very confused spring

Yuliya Vladkovska

So if you are ever in need of some inspiration and would like to browse their online art gallery to get some of your ‘mojo’ back…or invest in some wonderful art for your home, I would definitely recommend them.

There’s nothing quite like adding a piece of original Art to a plain white wall!…
and sitting back and loosing yourself in the depths of the canvas.

Have you ever visited The Saatchi Galleries? and if so, who were your favourite exhibitors?


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  1. Anonymous
    3rd October 2013 / 2:45 pm

    These are all beautiful! xo

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