Happy New Hair - Contrary or What!

A change is as good as a rest, or so they say...and I am loving my new hairstyle...ok so I look a bit like Morticia from the Adams family {Freddies words not mine!} RATBAG...but I needed this change...as the red was making my hair in bad condition and also there was this other issue {read previous post} which I wont mention again here...but it was a BIG benefactor lol!

HAPPY MONDAY - Teawagon Tales

Well here we are...I thought I had better blog about something this week...rather than sleeping around the clock with my dreaded menobrain....goodness me I have it bad...but onwards and upwards it must be and what better way than to start this week off with one of my Happy Monday posts...

RIP Stanley xx

Oh my! RIP Stanley...
You were such a cute dog and such an inspiration to all your doggy friends.
You will be forever in our hearts.
God Bless x

I must just add...this is not my dog that has passed away...but Cath Kidston's Dog...equally as sad though as we have all known Stanley very well and he has been an inspiration to the CK Brand...God Bless him x


40 Inspiring Workspaces Of The Famously Creative

Out of all of the 40 top inspiring workplaces of the Famously Creative, I love Will Self's work space the best! All those post it note's Rock! what a way to organise the Brain!...funny though, that out of all of them - there is not much colour going on for creative peeps!

At least we can feel better about our work space's being messy, as it seems that we are in great company lol :)


The Happy Home

Well as you know I have been making and creating items to add to my website lately, so I thought what better way then to start the weekend off by showing you some happy creative pictures.

The NOT SO HAPPY Ramblings...& Craft Pictures

What a terrible spring we have been having...as you know I have had my sewing machine out and I was supposed to be listing items that I have made on my website...but what with one thing and another! (lack of sunlight I think!) I just can't be bothered! terrible isn't it!
Anyway...this week I have been over at my Mums house, I haven't seen her since Christmas...I really felt like we had got a lot closer after last year and her fall and everything, what with the weekly visits to her house and trips to the hospital to visit her and stuff...and then! like a bombshell she goes and writes something awful about me to a relation...which really upset me no end! so I just couldn't bring myself to go and see her! two steps forward, three steps back!

 I felt like I needed time to heal, before I could see her again and then she asked me if I could accompany her on another hospital trip and at first i said no...but then I felt guilty! why do Mother's make you feel like that!...so I rang her and said that I would go with her!
 We had a nice time together and I never mentioned anything about how I felt, because i didn't want an argument with her!...She is precious to me, as i know lots of you no longer have your Mother's and I understand that I am a lucky soul in that respect,  but she does so break my heart at times...but I have learned to live with her being like she is over the years...
 She is a very strong woman, because she has had to live with her hip disability all her life, but she has never really taken me seriously and has never ever stuck up for me...always taking who ever I am in disagreements with side...which I have always felt very upset about! but over the years I have become hardened to her ways and tried my best to get on with her...I suppose you could say I am more like my Father...but he passed away 26 years ago now....gosh I soooo miss him!
Anyway...I don't know why I am telling you this now! It seems so silly, but what with the lack of sunshine and my moping...its been hard to get on track this year...after 7 years of blogging it is sometimes hard to know what to blog about and I have never really let you know about the nitty gritty of my personal life...but i kind of feel that every now and again...you need to know, where i am at!..lol!
So I have been over at my Mum's for a few days and although I never told her how I have been feeling...I now feel that I am over it! and I can move on...Life can be so tough at times...even when you have a name like Happy!...sometimes I think I should change my name as i seemed to of had a run of bad luck and SH*T come my way lately...so don't think it is just you! I have had my fair share over the years, believe, you, me! Eek!
It doesn't help either that I am now in MENOPAUSE...Yep! no more Peri-menopause for me! My periods are off the agenda now! and i now have all the other rotten symptoms that come's with being Middle-aged! Itchy all over, feeling Hot Hot Hot! Memory Loss....middle-aged spread and everything that was once 'PERT' now all gone SOUTH! *Sigh*!
Mind you at first i did think!...cough cough! that perhaps I might be pregnant! LOL! HA! (as if) I have not had my monthly for a few months now! and I was getting  a bit of heartburn....and then I felt a bit of movement in my belly! and I started thinking  OMG! what if! could I be!....and then I remembered, that i was a greedy old cow and that I was probably suffering from heartburn and WIND due to the fact that I had been a FAT PIG over Easter and devoured a whole box of LINDT LINDORS to myself BURP! Pardon Me! :D

Not to mention the fact that I am now having to wear my 'Olive' from 'On the Buses' Bi-focals now nearly all the time!  (Rosie said they looked good on me in the opticians! we have laughed about that day, ever since and every time I put them on! lil' ratbag!) Will life get any better than this! lol!

Sorry to ramble on!

(PICTURES - are of my crafting over the last few weeks)

Heart It