Fighting my Depression and other Bad Luck Stories

vintage french decor

Fighting my Depression and other Bad Luck Stories…

I am so sorry that I have not posted in a while…my life has been rather manic and I didn’t post all through December and January.  For a start december was a very busy month and I had meant to post something but I got rather involved with the build up and was enjoying that without taking pictures and writing posts in my head, so blogging was kind of put to the side.  I love the build up to Christmas, I think its the best part! all that rushing around and decorating the house…I even bought a sustainable tree that I can plant in the garden and it is doing really well…

happy's house

The reason for the long gap in proceedings was that my Mum was taken ill with an acute appendicitus…she was admitted to hospital on the 22nd December and was quickly sent through to theatre to have the op…initially she sailed through it all, but then caught a chest infection and on Christmas Day it was touch and go whether she was going to pull through it all…!

eclectic decor

It was a devastating time for all of us and really upsetting…but when the going gets tough…the tough get going and my Mum is a tough old cookie and she pulled through, although it was touch and go at the time! I was visiting the hospital every day and with the help of family support we managed to get her out of hospital on the 10th January…which was her 90th Birthday…

red white and blue collectibles

We were supposed to be having a party for her at Hempstead House But that all had to be cancelled and instead we had a little party at home for her, she looked beautiful, my Auntie Gill did her hair and makeup and although she was still quite poorly, it was a lovely time having our immediate family with us…they were the ones that held me together, because I felt then that I was loosing control…pretty home decor

She is a lot better now, and with the help of carers, I have been able to take a step back…and god did I need it! Although, don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful that my Mum has got better, but it has been gruelling on me, as I haven’t felt that I have had any time to myself…Hence not blogging at all!…and the not blogging has made me feel really bad about myself…I still think in blog posts, but I just can’t be bothered to write anything…It feels like I am in a catch 22 situation…I am a carer to so many people and have no time to myself…I am being pulled left right and center…It’s like juggling plates…and these plates have started to tumble!

paintings and photographs

I thought I would add pictures of my sitting room in this post…

vintage mannequin
They are a bit blurry, because I have taken them on my hand-me-down iphone (LOL)

vintage enamelware and a stormtrooper
It has all been changed around since Christmas too…Not drastically, but a little bit here and there…also certain things are missing!  I think they have been packed up and gone into the loft…that was teamwork! we were only to glad to get the decorations down! at least we had put them up early enough to enjoy them…then once Mum got poorly, we took it in turns, when we was home to pack it all into boxes and Rosie’s Fiance Jamie Packed it all into the loft for us…He has been a diamond.

wooden soldiers and coral

That’s another bit of news which  haven’t told you about, but no doubt I shall be blabbing about that often enough over the next few months…But Rosie is now Engaged to the Wonderful Jamie and he is so lovely…They bring out the best in each other and that’s what it’s all about isn’t it!

french vintage enamel

plastic eiffel tower

Regarding my fatigue, I know I need to go to bed earlier and get up earlier, but my body clock is now so used to going to bed around two and then when I need to get up at say 8 I am tired all day and that doesn’t help with my depression…but I love that when everyone else is in bed, I get no disturbances…no one saying, ‘can you do that’ ? ‘can you get this’? ‘when you next get up, can you get me so and so’?… I can just sit there and be me!  thing is though I am just sitting there…scrolling through my phone getting nothing achieved…often looking for things on ebay, that when i look around my craft room I already have and have even better! lol! What a wally I can be!

vintage shutters

Oh dear sorry if I have been rambling on a bit! but I always used to be a bit of a rambler! I love you gals and guys out there and have missed you all, blogging is seen as a career move these days, but back in the day we were all friends and loved blogging about our homes and crafts that we used to do in our spare time…I loved it back then…I hope I can get back some of my old followers, as since I have moved to wordpress (all very complicated! for me!) I don’t know where you all went 🙁 and i suppose the lack of blogging doesn’t help or the sponsored posts…sorry about that…but now i have to pay for hosting my blog and it came a bit of a surprise in January…after the initial £36.00 last january trial offer, I had to pay triple figures! That HURT!

eclectic french decor

Meanwhile in other news…

My Freddy is having to have corrective surgery on an old operation, because of his Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, it didn’t heal very well! But before they do the operation there looks like there is a problem with his heart, so that has to be sorted first!

Our car got smashed up and broken in too right outside our door! (I didn’t hear a thing!)
Looks like they were trying to hot wire a disabled vehicle! What is the world coming too!

Moving furniture around in my Mum’s guest bedroom, I manage to drop the writing desk on my toe, only to make it hurt like hell and go black!

I am feeling like I am going Slightly mad!

…and to top it all

The new Hire vehicle from the insurance company gets a flat tyre!

dinky caravan and red geraniums

You have got to laugh really haven’t you!

I think my nickname ‘Happy’ might have to change soon!

Sometimes I think we are actually living in Hell…!
All the things that go wrong, all the bad luck and trying times we have been through!

Goodbye for now my lovelies
I hope you are all keeping well and are having better times

Please leave a comment below if you would like to join in with the chat xx



  1. Maz
    3rd October 2020 / 10:39 am

    So lovely to have you back! You have been missed. Your home is looking as beautiful as ever, so uplifting and bright Big hugs xx

  2. Mary in Virginia
    3rd August 2020 / 10:07 pm

    Hi Happy, I’m glad to come over and catch up with you. Honey you really have an awful lot on you, try to get all the help you can (I know, easier said than done). Your lovely items are still a delight to see. I wish I had your gift at finding/buying/decorating with really cute, catchy items. I’m sorry about your depression, etc. I get it too but are you on meds for that? I am and it’s changed my life thank God. Good luck.

  3. 11th March 2020 / 5:16 am

    Hello Happy, hope your mother is recovering good, happy brithday to her. Don’t ever worry about the downs in life, they are all just temporary phases just like the weather. WIth time it shall pass on, keep hanging there, you got it! While you are being awesome, do keep writing, your writing skills are unique and very relaxing to read.

  4. Bonnie
    28th February 2020 / 1:12 am

    I have an expression when I feel down, and it is “This too, will pass” and as simple as it sounds, it really is true. So I wish you good days coming up, with much happiness to follow. Hang in there, days of sunshine are on the way to you. Glad you made it back to us… Big hugs from Wisconsin.

  5. cheryl
    27th February 2020 / 9:43 pm

    Being a caregiver is very stressful and taking care of everything can get overwhelming at times. I love your blog and understand when life gets in the way of your enjoyment.
    Sometimes if you are able just sit and breathe. Rosie a big hug sent your way from Texas.

  6. Valerie R
    27th February 2020 / 2:34 pm

    Bless your heart, you have such a stressful time going on! As a caregiver, you must carve time for yourself and your health. I’m hoping for better times ahead for you and your family!

  7. Carol
    27th February 2020 / 4:00 am

    I always have to remember what a counselor once told me – ‘No is a complete sentence ‘ . It is hard to say sometimes but I have to care for myself or I can’t care for others. Take care of yourself – Life is precious and a Blessing ❤️

  8. 27th February 2020 / 12:32 am

    Omigoodness, you have been through the mill, haven’t you? No wonder you didn’t have time to blog. A wonder you had time to go to the bathroom! I love reading your blog. Like you, I’d rather read about the every day lives of bloggers than read what they have for sale today. You were one of the first blogs I ever read and I try to check on your regularly. Sorry you’ve had so much going on, but glad to hear your mother is doing well and prayers for your husband’s health, too. Anyway, glad you are back. Just don’t worry if you can’t write every day. We all understand.

  9. 26th February 2020 / 11:01 pm

    I’m sorry you’ve had such awful luck. Sounds like a very scary and stressful last few months. I hope that things start to go smoother for you and your family. It is so nice to see you back, I enjoy reading your blog and following you on facebook. Take care! Sending you aloha from Kauai! ~Susan

  10. Valerie
    26th February 2020 / 5:24 pm

    Good Morning from the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Canada! Your photos always make me smile 🙂 Thank you for that! xx I send you (((((( hugs )))) for a brighter tomorrow….best wishes, Valerie 🙂

  11. Suzie Sroka
    26th February 2020 / 5:08 pm

    Oh happy I really do feel for and I understand more than you ever could know. I have been suffering from depression and madness for years now! As for the good old blog days, i remember them well.. blog and! I could get about 40 comments each week, then like you due to life i stopped for a long time, now nothing! I still have my blog, but i am in the process of setting up a website, shop and blog. If you ever need a chat just get in touch. Love and hugs xxx

    • Anne
      27th February 2020 / 2:27 pm

      Hellov Rosie. Sadly there is, so much sadness and depression around us. I do know how you are feeling. I have been fighting my anxieties, hopefully I do well, so my depression doesn’t develop into the deep bless I was before. Thinking of you. My good friend is suffering too. I also have a mum who has been ill. Now on her own. My brother and stepsister do most of the caring. I live over 5 hours or more away. And being a nanny, sons need me too. Pulling from all sides. Which affects me so much. I am sending you huge hugs. As for blogging.. I loved being a blogger I did it for 11 years. First Post was 2007. I loved writing and sharing my photos. Had lovely followers from other bloggers too. No longer blog. I had to get divorced., and sadly my laptop broke. My pc stopped working. I moved etc. My ex was an IT consultant and sorted all my IT problems. Bought my equipment. Last year I thought I was nearly there and getting back to it. Sadly not. I miss it. Keep going Rosie, you can do it. Take your time. You have lots of love around you. Take care of yourself. Love and hugs.

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