Ghostly Milarkey Whilst Living on the Island

ghost busters walking on the road

I do not believe in ghosts…but i nearly did the other night!….You see I was up late, working on my computer…drifting off to sleep, when suddenly I was woken by my chair shaking slowly from side to side, it startled me! but thought “well I was on my way to the land of zzzzzz! so I didn’t think much of it!

woman with fangs

…..a few moments later, it happened again!…Yikes!!!! I have never been a believer of ghosts and all that milarkey! but I was convinced, a ghost was trying to shake me off the chair……I quickly looked around, the light had blown earlier than day and I only had the dim light of my work lamp!! as I looked around quickly, in that fearful (please let there be nothing there!) look. I quickly scurried upstairs, Max (the dog) was following hurriedly behind!…a bit like a scene from scooby doo!….Honestly I have never hot footed it up the stairs so quick!!

spooky vibes ghost poster

I got into bed and awoke Fred….Fred! Fred! I said…..I think a ghost, has tried to shake me off the chair…..half asleep, he assured me that I would be ok and not to worry…..It took me a while to get to sleep, but in the morning as Fred was bringing me breakfast in bed he said, ‘I think I have your answer to the Ghost problem!’…and as I looked at the Paper, the headlines were about the Earthquake we had around 1 o’clock in the morning….just around the time that I thought that darned ghost had tried to get me off the blooming chair! Phew! What a relief! and although the epi centre was up North…our house is built on stilts or whatever they call it in the building trade, hence the house swaying!…..

woman frightened and screaming

Global warming!! its definitely happening folks – who’d of thought old blighty would have an earthquake….I must just say, I do hope everyone that was directly involved is ok and my prayers do go out to each and every one of you……Keep making those changes girls….re-usable bags…cycling to work…..unplug at night….every little helps!

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen one? Do share your’e experiences!

Bye for now folks

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