Well I am soooo excited...

We have arrived!

For it is the Eve of The London Olympics Opening Ceremony!
Us Brits are sooo proud to be hosting this event for the third time in London.
The Opening Ceremony has been kept under wraps and although the Officials have told us that it will not be as spectacular as the Beijing Olympics, because we are in recession..I still feel we have it in us to be brilliant!
 Its that stiff upper lip and onwards and upwards attitude that makes us who we are and I have a feeling that it will be special anyway.
On the 'One Show' in the week, Chris Evans said there will be a giant sized Voldermort walking over the English Countryside, when fifty Mary Poppins will fly down with their open umbrellas to capture him lol! He said its finks not!
 In the week Rosie received two free tickets to the 5-a-side Para-olympic football, she had been nominated by her college, for working so hard through the year, we are so chuffed for her, as she really is an inspiration to all who meet her...I am only sorry that I couldn't thank the person who nominated I am officially thanking you here you try and stop me rocking into the college in september to find out who it was and give you a great BIG Kiss! :)
Rosie is going to watch the opening ceremony in Rochester Castle grounds on a great big screen...what a lovely atmosphere that will if you live near and see her there...go and say hello.

Well I had better go...

Don't forget to ring your bells at 8.12am tomorrow morning!

Where will you be watching the Opening Ceremony?
Do Tell!


Rosie's Red White and Blue Hair

Although Rosie is only 19 she has had so many hair colours and styles...
I suppose being a Hair Technology Student helped...but so far she has had red hair...
She has had Black Hair
Red White and Blue Hair

Happy Puzzle Rings

Puzzle Rings
These are a delight to add to my website...they are so cute, and I wore one at the weekend and received so many lovely compliments about them...

Each vintage puzzle piece is mounted on a silver plated adjustable ring.

So delightful...and an ideal present for yourself or a friend.

Be amoungst the first to wear this new Happy trend.



Freddy and the Olympic Torch

 The Olympic Torch came to our town on saturday (yesterday) at 6.30 am, plenty of people adorned the streets apparently...although I was not there...You see Freddy was supposed to wake me, but he slept in until 8.30 am himself and then popped out on his scooter to get some sundries... 

He timed it just right though!, as he was scootering through town, he saw a went over to see what was going on...when he bumped into Torch Bearer Mohamed "Danny" Dada (who is a teacher at my sons former Grammar School...apparently he was nominated to be a torch bearer by one of his students for being such an inspirational person)...needless to say it was a perfect photographic moment!

We are so chuffed for him...

Have you managed to get your hands on the Olympic Torch? or if no,t what is the most precious item you have managed to get your hands on?


Meet the Super Humans



As if this video isn't uplifting enough!...please CLICK HERE and watch the new Paralympics advert...if you do not get were never born!

I am never going to use the word DISABILITY again! I have always hated the word! SUPER HUMANS is the way forward! Peeps that have had injuries and tortures through life have the philosphy that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger...My Mum, My Daugher and My Hubby are all Super Humans, and are all life's loveliest of people...they get on with what is thrown at them with hardly a grumble ...they are strong....they are determined...they are SUPER HUMANS.

I am so blown away by these videos...these paralympians ROCK!


Mum's Having a Scan

I am staying at my Mums today...she has an appointment at King George's Hospital, Hornchurch, for a body scan....its a bit please wish us luck...we should have the results in about a week...

I hope everything is ok with you and yours.


Vintage Caravan .... Done! UPDATE


Well here we are! The sun was shining today and I was able to get out in the garden and take these pictures of our 1952 Vintage we have given it a make-over!

If you remember, the whole inside had been stripped out apart from a make shift bed, but this is what appealed to us in the first place! Well apart from the fact that the caravan was so damn cute!

Top Hat is Sensational

 My Mum runs a retirement group in Chadwell Heath, Essex and although the coach is always packed out with members from her group, she always books me a place on a trip that she thinks I will like...and last week the date arrived for us to go and see TOP HAT at the Aldwych Theatre, London...Yep! seventy-seven years after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers lit up Hollywood's silver screen with one of the greatest dance musicals of all time.

Its Rosie's Birthday Today



Antique Fair Pin Up

Because of all the rain here in Blighty these last few weeks, (no Outside markets) we rolled up at an Antiques Fair held at Chatham Dockyard (which is just around the corner to us!) last was such a shame as there were hardly any sellers should be called a Vintage and Craft fair, as I think these days, People are put off, of the title 'Antiques' we all seem to think the items will be really expensive!...

Anyway, although there were only a few sellers, we managed to find this little Gem! Freddy remembers his Aunty and Uncle having the same print in their living room back in the 1970's!

It was a real BARGAIN and now sits pride of place in our Sitting Room! She looks like she is in the puddle, in our back garden lol!

Oh that rain!

She is soooooo coooool though!
What have you all been buying lately in this VERY wet Summer?


I want a Red Routemaster Bus as my New Craft Room!

I wonder whether I could get away with having this as my new studio???

I could put it at the bottom of my garden and decorate it just how I wanted and craft all day in it...I could even hold craft classes?

Do you think the neighbours would mind?


Happy 4th July xx




To all my lovely American Blogging Friends...
Have a Greeeeat Party over there!


Decorating for Life ... The Happy Way

 Its been a while now since I last showed you pictures of my little cottage, so I thought I would show you these...of my dining see, it is forever you know by now, I am a collectorholic of everything cute and kitsch and when I am out and about I kinda forget the size of my little place and just buy what I like...
 ...Hence, I have to keep changing it about because of my new thrifting purchases each week...I am very quickly growing out of space and you will often see a happy delight on my website...where I have to sell something to make room for something else...!
 When you are out and about, do not be frightened of buying something that you love, you know something from your past! be brave and buy what you like and do not buy something because it is what you like and what you remember from your past to create your own individual look...this way you will create your own style for your home and you will feel cosy and comfortable in it always.
 I love quirky, cute and unusual bits and pieces...I also love to buy, what I remember that my Nanny Hilda used to like...cheeky postcards, big eye ornaments, cake plates and shabby dolls and teddies, were amoungst her favourites and also now mine.
 My Mum and Dad, were very trendy in the 50's and 60's and I love to collect the pictures that they used to have on the wall in their retro apartment...I can't stand uneven placed pictures or bare walls.
 My Dad was a Roman Catholic...and he used to have a Virgin Mary Figure by his bedside...I now have this same figure in my sitting room...and also love to collect religious pictures and ornaments.
 So here is a picture of  my dining is very small and when we came to view the house, I really didn't think we would get this much stuff in it! lol! we really have filled it to the brim...but everything I look at, I totally love...The Heidi books, below, I remember reading as a child...
 The little Dutch gal, above, reminds me of my cheeky Nanna's plump cheery face... and the postcards are of roses...I sooo love roses...(my Grandad used to grow them in his garden)
 I also have to have retro kitchen units in my cottage, as my Nan and my Mum used to own these in the sixties...I often remember rolling pastry on the pull out table made from enamel...a lovely cold surface was the perfect place for making all kinds of pies and pastries!
 I love my Dining Room and it also doubles up as my craft hubby crafts in our Vintage Green Caravan, outside in the garden...that is his domain...and I craft in here...Oh and I make such a mess! I am one of those crafters that has to get everything out at once!  lol!
The bright and happy atmosphere that I have created, with all my lovely memories around me, really do help to get my creative juices flowing...and sometimes to my peril...I have so many ideas, I create more mess and sometimes don't really get anything achieved lol!
I do still love my Cath Kidston pieces...but I prefer the old style CK and haven't really bought anything for a long long time...I do look at her website, but it all seems to of got a little too commercialised for me and probably, if I am honest! too popular!
I have always loved bright and cheery things and nothing beats the hunt for something secondhand and vintage...finding something old which tells a story of a bygone era or a fleeting memory is priceless!
 So...go out there my lovely peeps and decorate your dining rooms and your whole house with memories of your life and you won't go far wrong with the perfect look for you :)