My Mum runs a retirement group in Chadwell Heath, Essex and although the coach is always packed out with members from her group, she always books me a place on a trip that she thinks I will like...and last week the date arrived for us to go and see TOP HAT at the Aldwych Theatre, London...Yep! seventy-seven years after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers lit up Hollywood's silver screen with one of the greatest dance musicals of all time.

 The hit musical is from the 1930's...its a love affair of mistaken identity and it is full of glitz and glam and brilliant one liners...yes this brilliant work of art is also a comedy...the butler has you in stitches from beginning to end...the characters are brilliant and to top it all pardon the pun! its is full of tap dancing, ballroom and gorgeous costumes...especially the men on their 1930's swim suits! Cor!
 Tom Chambers (Holby City heartthrob and Strictly Come Dancing winner) plays the irrepressible Broadway sensation Jerry Travers who dances his way across Europe to win the heart of society model Dale Tremont, played by triple Olivier Award nominee Summer Strallen (Love Never Dies, The Sound of Music, The Drowsy Chaperone).
 Packed full of Irving Berlin's greatest hits, stunning tap, romantic ballroom and a little bit of Busby Berkeley thrown in for good measure, Top Hat is a giddy, glorious celebration of 1930s song and dance, featuring magnificent sets, over 200 costumes and a love story that will set the pulses racing
With wonderful tunes like Cheek To Cheek, Top Hat (White Tie And Tails), No Strings, Isn’t It A Lovely Day To Be Caught In the Rain, and The ­ it a wonder that we were humming the tunes all the way home.

We also had a wonderful lunch before we rendevouzed into the theatre...a little Italian in Covent was a beautiful day and the show was absolutely fabulous...well worth going to see it!

So if you are in town my lovelies....go treat will never forget it and I bet you too will be humming all the way home! ;)

What have you been upto this week?...
Have you seen Top Hat? and if you have, what did you think of it?
Or what other shows would you recommend up the WestEnd?



  1. Nothing is as wonderful as a play! This one sounds awesome. Essex?!?! That's where I stayed when I crossed the ocean in '86 - Clacton on Sea. I still hear from the new friend I made there, I stayed in her home with she and her family for 10 days while there. I love me some England and wish so much I could come back some day! Would have loved to go to the play with you, sounds like so much fun! Hugs ~ Mary

  2. It SOUNDS wonderful, Happy! I am glad that you had fun there. Nope-I have never seen Top Hat but I would love to see t now- xo Diana

  3. Its on my list to see this year along with Singing in the friends partner is one of the dancers in Top Hat....looks like your day was lovely.. I'm a Chadwell Heath girl too ... Have a happy weekend Teresa x

  4. Cheek to Cheek is one of my favorite songs...and I realized after reading this I don't think I have ever seen Top Hat all the way through! Now I have a mission for my week off next week! Love that you are still sporting the red hair ;)

  5. I wish I could see Top Hat! I love musicals.

  6. It's on my To Do list for the holidays! Love the pics of you and your Mummy!

  7. It looks so great.
    Think it was so amazing and beautiful, would love to watch it.
    Lovely hugs


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