Vintage Caravan .... Done! UPDATE


Well here we are! The sun was shining today and I was able to get out in the garden and take these pictures of our 1952 Vintage we have given it a make-over!

If you remember, the whole inside had been stripped out apart from a make shift bed, but this is what appealed to us in the first place! Well apart from the fact that the caravan was so damn cute!

We started by painting the whole inside know me! I love a white me it is like a canvas and then we decorate with the colours that we love! which is mainly primary!
We have found it really easy to decorate, as most of the items you see in it, is from our other house! Remember we downsized last year...well there was quite a few items that I just couldn't bare to part with and it has really helped with the decor. Off course there a few pieces that you will recognise from previous flea markets that we have visited too!
We are going to be using our little Holi as a creative space for Mr Happy and really does feel lovely, the moment you step inside it! All cosy and feels like you are on

Earlier today, after taking the pictures, I took my computer in there (oh yes we have electricity!) and started editing them....It felt wonderful and after a time, I curled up on the bed and went fast to sleep!
Can you see here we have used vintage fabrics as well as new ones and of course our signature union Jack...Big up Blighty! LOL!
So now lets venture over to the other side of the caravan...
Here we have a little Ikea bathroom cabinet bought at a Booty a couple of weeks ago for £10.00 and decorated with 1950's vintage material and hearts that I bought at a Booty in Somerset...this will soon be full of crafting materials, as its so apt for the job!
This is the area where the original kitchen would have been, but we have created this little area!...How could we decorate without this iconic 'Keep Calm and Carry On' piccy
That little Belling cooker is sooo vintage isn't it! and it works! so we can make a nice cup of tea in here! and even breakfast!It wouldn't be us now would it without those vintage postcards! remember my post about my Nanny Hilda and how she loved those type of cards! :)

Our little Holi is full of whimsy and vintage charm...its full of things that brings smiles to our faces, bits and pieces from both our pasts, that we cannot bare to be without...!
And look who is making himself right at home!
How much is that doggy in the window!
I hope you have had fun looking around our Jolly Holi, as much as we have enjoyed decorating it :) I'll bring you some more piccy's soon of what we take into it and the crafts we create from it :)
Have a great weekend gals...Lets hope the sun shines :)


Since this article was written over 3 years ago now, Our Holivan has been the inspiration for many many guys and gals buying and decorating their own individual vans, for holidaying or for creative spaces in their own could call it Caravan Fever!
Our Holivan has been featured in many many magazine articles and books, some of which are featured on our PRESS you can imagine we are very proud of the phenomenom that we have helped to create...this van was bought as a place of sanctuary for my hubby, a 'crafting van' the pictures that you see here are of when it was first you can imagine...3 years on, it does look rather different!"

So please do take a look HERE and HERE on Holi's progress...she really is a gem and quite famous now....Last year we bought her a big brother....this time a vintage 1960's Cheltenham...when the rain stops...I am going to give him a makeover too!...but he is so full of character, I kinda like it the way it is and for now it is a daytime space for my son...anyway, we'll I said, when the rain goes away I might give him a little makeover too....but when my son moves out... I will be having it as my own little crafting sanctuary...BLISS!


Oh and suggestions please on how to get rid of grown up adult children...that should really be married by now and have a place of their own!!! lol!