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 I have been working hard adding items to my shop...I hope you like them...
 I have been filling up my craft section...I buy so much vintage craft, with the intention of keeping it...but lately I have had to sort it all out..unless I want a divorce that is! ;)
 Please do click on each item to view the purchase page.

Speak soon my lovelies...


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Club 5000

More than 5,000 BBC viewers and listeners in the South East have helped to create a unique artwork to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
{Rosie is in this piccy original logo...can you spot where she is... she is on there twice.}

Many people submitted family portraits, photos of their ancestors, snaps of important occasions in their lives and of times that made them laugh.
 {Rosie in this caravan shoot is one my favourite I had to submit this one.}
Artist Helen Marshall, aided by computer art experts Polly Tiles, used the images that were submitted to create a special photo mosaic portrait of the Queen.
{Nanny Hilda...I also had to think she will be a part of this artwork forever, makes me soooo happy....can you see her in a black and white picture sitting on a deckchair with her friend}

 The finished image (the first image above) contains a contemporary picture of the Queen and a photo taken at the beginning of her reign. A spokeswoman for BBC South East said: "The project has taken on a life of its own with everyone thinking long and hard about the image they want to represent them and their family in our Jubilee artwork.
{Can you see the caravan in this mosaic above, pictured twice}.

 Stand up close to our artwork and you will see a mass of touching, funny or inspirational photos - step back 20 paces and it transforms to become a double portrait of the Queen."
 {There is a rather strange piccy in this lot of pictures...Freddy as a baby lol! The only baby with a mostache and glasses!}

{such a stunning piece...don't you think?}
Now the funny thing is, that I had totally forgot, that I had sent these pictures up to the BBC website! and when I heard that the deadline was closed, and after seeing the BIG REVEAL on TV...I was totally gutted that I hadn't done something about it....Freddy had also submitted his piccy and whilst looking for his, he also found the others!....Who could of sent these pictures up we thought! are they on there if we didn't put them on there!...After asking the family and realising that no way would our parents of put them on there...(they are silver surfers! lol!) I slowly started to remember that I had uploaded them about a month previous!..{I know! I am totally hopeless!} I had submitted 4 pics, thinking that was a bit cheeky at the time because they only asked for one!

Now it turns out that so many of the pictures have been repeated...I just sooo wished I had of uploaded my whole family, especially my lovely Dad who passed away in 1987....But on the other hand I am soooo chuffed that my lovely Rosie is on there...I have been grinning from ear to ear all is such a wonderful piece of artwork to be a part of...BREATH TAKING infact!


Loreen - Euphoria - Eurovision Winner 2012

 Loreen won Eurovision Yay!

To be honest...this song was my favourite...I have been playing her all week, one to play loud in the car in the sunshine!...and I must say, that this year...we definitely were not robbed! lol!

I love dance music and I definitely will be playing this for a very long time to come!

Loreen - Euphoria - Sweden



Good Luck, Good Luck in the Eurovision 2012

Yay! its the Eurovision song contest tonight...and we will be off to choose our nibbles for the contest soon at the local supermarket...Oh yes we are having a party!...all afternoon we have been watching Youtube on the tele...playing loud our favourite tunes...We have clipboards and pens at the ready and lager and lime on tap...hmmm! I so love that thirst quenching.

Its been a lovely day here in Blighty and we are sooo 'Biggin up the Hump' for of course we all want EH to win, as he is representing England...but I also have a few other favourites...and this is one of them below...Have a listen...

Loreen - Euphoria - Sweden

Another of my favourites is...
Gaitana - Be my Guest - Ukraine

oh yes...what a party we will have...

I also like Bulgaria...but they never got through to the finals...I somehow think that if she had sang the song in English she probably would have got through...

I think the favourites to win are the Russian Grannies..How fun are they!

...Have a listen...
One of them is sooooo out of tune at the start...but it all blends in, in the end...well sort of! :)
Its catchy anyway! lol!

But of course the best song of all is Our Englebert that how you spell it! not sure anyway, here he is in all his glory!
I actually like it alot, he has always been a bit of a legend...hasn't he...what with 'Please Release Me', 'My Cherie Amour' & 'Quando Quando Quando' and he was such a good looking man...swoon!

It will be the icing on the cake if we win in 2012 of all years :)



Happy's Bathroom Makeover

 Well I promised you the pictures of my bathroom makeover and here they are...really all I did was paint the walls duck egg blue and moved in a whole lotta stuff, but I think we did good....
Rosie helped me paint the walls...she used the paintbrush and I, the roller...I use radiator rollers to paint walls, I find that the paint goes on easier and more evenly...Rosie did try the roller but it did splatter a bit and she didn't want to ruin her tan ;)
It was very easy moving my bits and bobs in, I had been saving things that I have been buying on my trips around Blighty and adding a few shop bought delights into the equation.
 I have been collecting Cath Kidston pieces for years now and as you can see from the laundry bag hanging on the locker this dates back a good few years ago...infact probably when she was only 2 years old :)
I have also bought cheapies too! As the towels above and below on this retro unit were from Primark...or Primarni as we call it! They cost me £5 each and they are bath sheet size...the lovely spots and flowers and BIG UP BLIGHTY Union Jack really look good on this unit, and plus, I really couldn't bring myself to pay the CK price tag for towels...especially with the amount of hair that gets dyed in this bathroom...
 Yes that is my bath and don't worry I haven't painted it blue too!...No! it is actually full up with water! lol! as just as I decided to take some piccies, Rosie decided to run a bath! doh!
 The spotty pink and white towels are from Asda, they cost me £6 each...they are lovely and thick and soft and soooo worth the money! Also the bag is a homemade one, made from CK material, that I bought from a local craft fair...isn't it just yummy!
...The 1970's teak retro unit, (above, now painted white) I bought ages ago...we decoupaged it a while back, but I hated it and never took any piccies of it...but it looks fabulous painted white and looks so at home in the didn't have any shelves so I pushed in this lovely metal basket which fits very snugly, which helps to keep it in place. ( I know what ya thinking!...No Rosie isn't in the bath yet! lol)
I bought this beach hut fabric in Whitstable and made this cushion and the pictures I found at an Antiques Fair...
 I hope you like my locker sticker, Freddy found this amoungst some papers that he bought...and I just had to stick it on this cupboard.
 The shutters either side of the window are CD racks that I bought years ago...I was going to try and sell them, but they are a bit worn and some of the slats are uneven...and anyway I had a brainwave that they might look good as lookalikey shuttery type thingies...Now I am not very good at DIY but I found a hammer and a nail....and hey presto they are up!...Just don't walk too close to them! ;)

 Artificial flowers again!!! ahh! they are doing so well in the window!

 Can you remember the bathroom had cream coloured walls, but I so love this duck egg! I think it makes colours POP, especially white and pink...oh yes loverley!
I hope you liked my Bathroom Makeover pictures and that they have inspired you to decorate a room in your house...

Bye for now my lovelies xx


A song for Queen Elizabeth II

What a lovely song...Be Proud...and Play it Loud!

"Sing" is a song written by British singer-songwriter Gary Barlow and musician Andrew Lloyd Webber, and performed by a number of artists from across the United Kingdom and The Commonwealth, to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

The track will be released via Digital download and CD single on May 28, 2012, and will be performed as the opening song of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert celebrations on June 4, 2012.


I Love Artificial Flowers

Ooooh yes I do not get me wrong I love fresh flowers too!
...but I seriously love my artificial ones...

Its been raining cats and dogs

 A lot of things have been happening at the Happy House lately...Ok Ok so it has been raining cats and dogs outside for a few weeks and my joints seem to be affected by the that I have been putting off for ages have been building up and the fact that I have two grown up children living with me...doesn't seem to help!!!...but only make them worse! Do kids ever end up tidying up after themselves????
 Anyway...the Ironing needed doing, (I had a pile taller than the Eiffel Tower!) The house was getting into a right 'ole mess...and I told myself it was Ok because I was an artist...and all artists live in a mess! lol!...but it was making me in the house is really capable...Rosie and Freddy are excused because they have 'orrible conditions and my grown up son Daz is always out! I think there is a method in his madness, so he doesn't have to do any jobs for me...!
 ...and what with all the rain...oh sooo depressing..I decided to use it to my advantage in the end and get sorting out and decorating...because after all who wants to decorate when its hot outside!
 The grass in the garden has grown nearly as tall as my ironing pile...but I will have to leave that until it gets a bit dryer...what I have been doing though is decorating my bathroom, I have painted it a duck egg blue and moved the furniture around a bit and added some different books and ornaments...I haven't taken any pictures in there yet though....but rest assured that when I do I will blog about it :)
 I have also sorted out my bedroom, added a few different pictures...moved the bed around to four different corners of the room and then decided it looked better where it originally was! Phew! it was sooo tiring doing that...I am also planning to add some wallpaper in this room (only on one wall) and perhaps paint some furniture...but again I will blog about that when I have finished it all...
 I have been buying little nic naks on my travels and now I have so many things to add to my website, and re-decorate the rest of the house with...if you have been watching that programme 'The Hoarder Next Door'...well that is me right now...all my collectables are in the corner of the dining room, with the pile getting bigger and bigger...but it makes me feel soooo good! I just love clutter! lol! I am contradicting myself there a bit I know..but happy clutter is good clutter ain't it!
 ...and yesterday morning, Freddy's Mum and Dad popped round to help me with the ceremonious and rather overdue task of pulling down the overgrown ivy from the front of the house...yep it had reached the roof and was trying to get into the rafters!...surprisingly it came down really was a job that I had been putting off for ages, as I rather liked the look of it...but the thought that it could damage the roof was too much...but after a lot of hard work our efforts paid off and now we are ivyless!
I am now thinking how to make the front look better...nothing a few red geraniums can't sort out me finks!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures...all taken in my house, here and there,  more will follow, the more I keep you updated with how things are going...

Speak soon my luverlies...