Vintage Caravan Update

I thought it was about time that I showed you what our lovely vintage Holivan looks like today!  because, back when we purchased this van in July 2009 we refurbished it and the interior looked very new and shiny...

so I thought in this little update, It would be nice to show you, especially how a small space can be used to its advantages.
As you can see Fred has decorated his van with bright tins, quirky dolls, unique scrapbooking pieces and plenty of bright paraphenalia.

He has also collected many a blanket and sits on top of them all in the summer and snuggles into them in winter!...Infact if anyone asks 'where is Fred'? during the day...and we havn't seen him for a few hours...we know he is in here creating or sleeping ;)

I have never regretted investing in this Holivan...she is a beauty and is like an extension of our home...a little retreat for a bit of peace and quiet.

See what I mean about this obsession with quirky things...they are sooo cute don't you think :)

He is sooo creative and tries out many ideas in his many books...

This is about as tidy as it gets in here...but that is the way Fred likes to work, personally I like to tidy up before I start a job! thats probably why I never get things finished...coz I then end up multi-tasking and then what with my womens doo dah...I end up forgetting what I was doing in the first place lol!

Well my lovelies...I hope you like this little update about our Holivan, I have noticed around the 'Net' that buying and 'doing up' a caravan has really caught on here in 'Blighty' its been caravan fever!'

So if you have invested in one recently, (like I may have done ;) ) I hope you get plenty of inspiration from this little update...whether you have bought it for an art studio, for yourself or for a guest room....


....Nudge Nudge wink wink!! Yes my lovelies...I just may have clicked a 'buy it now' button on the internet...and I, could now, be the proud owner of caravan no.2 but you will have to wait and see ;)