Ooooh yes I do not get me wrong I love fresh flowers too!
...but I seriously love my artificial ones...

  I am totally useless with plants...not the garden variety, because I have plants that do well in my soil, in the garden!...No! I am talking about the HOUSE PLANT!...I just can't help it...I forget to water them and they die off...
I have been known to talk to them! Yep Ok OK so I know it is supposed to be the first sign of madness!...or is that talking to yourself???...but no matter what I do, I think it might even be the 'fear' of killing them off!
...As I soooo remember, when my Mum and Dad left me for the first time, to go away on holiday on their own! I think I must have been about 17 at the time!! Oh what a disaster! No no no! I wasn't rowdy or anything...I didn't have a BIG party or anything...Na nuffing as awful as that!

They went away for one week only...and before my Mum left, she gave me strict instructions on how and how often to water the plants...yeh yeh yeh I said, rolling my eyes! I know! Keep Calm Mother! lol!
...Well I never heard from them all week until the day before they were coming home...and Mum said how are my plants doing Happs! And with that I looked around and thought! SH*T! Their all dead Mum! Whoops! I told her they were fine, to stop her worrying!

But no amount of watering was going to revive them! Oh dear! Needless to say I got a right 'ole telling off when she got home!lol!...and everytime she went on holiday after that little incident, she used to put her plants in a bath of shallow water! and I had to shower at a neighbours house!
Rotten Cheek! lol!

I think the news spread around the flower community and that is why, I do not have a very good relationship with indoor plants :)....anyway as I was saying...I love my artificial flowers...I love cheap and expensive ones, vintage and new ones...but buy the right colour and the right styles and they can look as delightful as the real thing, as do these little beauties above.



  1. Goodmorning , your flowers look lovely, can imagine you forget to water real plants, I've got a daughter like you :).....
    Hugs from Amsterdam

  2. Hi! Lovely flowers... Ugns from sweden

  3. I love artificial flowers, too!! Real flowers, are wonderful , but I like not having to water them!! I also like felt, fabric, and pom pom flowers! They are the best!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  4. LOL-I love this post- I like them both- real and faux-some places just don't work for real flowers-xo Diana

  5. Enoyed your funny Flower Bathtub Story!

  6. My mum has always had a mix of real and artificial flowers around the home and I've now branched out into the artificial flower arena having killed every flower or plant I've brought into my flat!!

    Victoria x


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