Pretty Hanger Tutorial

This is a great little tutorial taken from one of my vintage sewing books, it has been written in simpleton language so that even little 'ole me can follow it :)
Just click on the pictures and you will be taken to another page where you can copy and paste the larger file size.

Have fun my luverlies.


Happy Hair Day

My Rosie has coloured my hair bright red today (friday) and I love it...I have always wanted to go this BRIGHT RED, but was worried about the damage to my hair...but these days the dye, conditions as well as colours, so it was very safe indeedy!
 It was a long process, it took all day, I coloured Rosie's hair too, she showed me how to do it and now I feel like I am a fully qualified hairdresser! lol! I have always said that I was a hairdresser in another life! :D

Have you done anything totally audacious lately! we would love to hear about it :)

Have a Happy weekend peeps...


Thankyou all sooo much for your lovely comments :)...I must admit I am so glad that I finally found the courage to go ahead and have it done!  W
hilst I was out at the weekend...about a dozen people said how much they loved it and that made me feel brill! :))

I also forgot to show you Rosie's hair...since I have been writting this blog she has had blonde hair (her natural colour) black hair, brown hair and now this....

What a pair we are eh! I thought I was adventurous going from blonde to brown to red! but I have nothing on her! she is only 17! :)

Speak soon my luverlies xxx


Our Lady of the Roses

What do you think of my new (old) Mary of the Roses that I found at a local car boot sale the other week?

Isn't she divine!  I knew it was going to be a lucky day when a black cat suddenly jumped out in front of us on the way....

She was my first buy, as soon as I got there and then I had a lucky find of about 20 pieces of 1970's murano style glass...which of course I had to buy them all!...They are now, lovingly displayed, all around the house :)

So of course, as Our Lady wishes...I say a little prayer of thankfulness everyday :)



Come and join Happy's Homestyle Decoration group and grab some decorating ideas :)

Love Happy xx

Happy Loves ... Urban Outfitters

I am loving these items in Urban Outfitters at the moment....the owl above was £24.99 which my Hubby bought for me a few months ago now...and I am surprised to see it still in there...they have introduced another colour as well...which is also divine!

Kiddy Caricatures

These lovely caricatures were drawn by an artist in Mexico in the time Daz was 8 and Rosie was 4...They have been in the garage for quite a while now and the other day...
whilst I was in there looking for a paintbrush, I found them...they were in silver frames and were quite 'grubby' on the outside, but the pictures were perfect, so I bought them back into the house.

We already had these red frames indoors, waiting for the perfect pictures, so hubby reframed them and hung them on the wall for me...The above chair is where I sit....I love having them both above me...they are sooo cool and fun don't you think :)

Oh and don't think that the red frame is going to stay empty
...I have funky plans for that!

Watch this space :)


This Windy Weather ...!

What a windy day we are having here in Blighty! Phew! I ventured into the garden and nearly got blown back inside!

safety pin chair job

 This chair is in such a bad way!...the cover was made years ago now and it has been in the washing machine sooooo many times!...hence there has been alot of fraying going on! all around the edges...I have sewn it before!...but still it frays away!
 So the other day I found some gold safety pins and thought! hey! I will try and patch up my 'ole fraying chair....and this is how it turned out!...Everyone that visits, looks at me as if I have gone mad! lol! when I show them what I have done! as in some places, it does look a tad ODD BOD'ish (lol) but hey ho! I love the look of it overall!
Theres no accounting for taste eh! ;D


Front Door Dilema

Do you remember my age old dilema about my front door! To paint or not to paint? and then I went and bought the wrong colour! but most of you liked it! (catch up here) Well! I have gone and done it!  I have now painted it a lighter colour...more duck egg blue!...(it probably looks the same colour as the previous post! but trust me! it is about 3 shades lighter!) and I luuuuurve this colour....I know! I know! on the pictures of the other post it did look lovely and most of you said to keep it! but my camera flash had really lightened the true colour and I really thought that I would be able to get used to it! but I didn't! so it had to be lightened!
I have also been a 'devil' and painted the dark wood porch white too! lol! Gee! get a paintbrush in my hand and nothing is safe! ;D  As I also painted the gate!...the garage, and the picket fence in the back garden!

....Is there no end to my talents! lol!
I might have to rest up now for a few weeks! for I have RSI in my wrists! so I definitely will not be able to do any housework! (YES!) lol!


Pretty Greetings Photoshoot

Well the day had arrived...I had washed, dusted and hoovered all on my ownio! Yes! everyone was going to help me! but when I finally decided to have a BIG clear up...everyone had made themselves scarce! typical eh!...anyway at least everything was done my way ;)

Liz and Charlie arrived a little after 9am and we started by having some freshly brewed coffee and a chat before they 'fired up the camera'!
(liz checking the pictures are just right with charlie)

Intermission ...

The day you start believing in yourself and don't care what people think of the first day of the rest of your life! I wish I had learnt this lesson when I was young!  but my self doubt was with me until I was 40! I am now 45! and I am finally living my life for me!...and it feels Good! 

If you don't believe in yourself already.....start now! 
Love yourself for who you are and start Living your Life!
Don't put off until tomorrow!....for tomorrow may never come!
Live for today!...and you will always be HAPPY!


Mr Sheen ... Make my house clean !

Charlie Colmer (Country Livings Photographer) and Liz Ellis (stylist) from Abacus Cards are cruising on over to the Happy House this week for an 'In House' photoshoot! Yikes! 
 Na only joking! I love them coming over, as we had such a fun time HERE! but what with me neglecting the house for a few weeks...(adding new funky stuff to my website)...I have really got to get my act together and arrange a date with Mr Sheen!
I don't think I'll be looking as glamorous as these lovely lassie's (above) hee hee! But I will be wearing an apron and getting my hands dirty to wipe away the cobwebs that I have seen here and there...isn't it funny how you never notice those things until the sun comes out!...that sun, although beautiful, really does have some explaining to do ;)
I have added this piccie here because I have decided to buy it myself from my website! He looks lovely in my new retro sitting of which I will show you after the shoot! :)

 I also have a few more things to do on my checklist, painting, planting, sweeping and shopping, but I love working to a deadline....that is how I work best I think.....and although I have a list as long as both my arms, with things that I want to do, its amazing what a difference a day makes...especially with an early start!

Goodness I{M}ust have a crisp cru{M}b underneath the letter 'M' as I have to punch that letter soooo haaard! :D

Anyway...moving on!
I thought I had better show you the blogs I have created lately...the first one above is Holly from Delightful Domestic Science please go and say hello...
The second one is Ava from Picket fence fancy

...and last but not least is Miss G from Miss Gingers

Remember if you fancy a new blog or want to start one, have a look HERE or EMAIL ME to discuss what you are after :)

Have a great week my friends and I'll be in touch with the pictures of the photoshoot shortly :)


A little update here gals...a few of you have said 'well done' for getting into the Country Living Magazine! sorry to of misled you there my sweeties! Although it is Charlie (from CL mag fame) that is coming down to the Happy house!, he will be taking pictures for Liz and the cards again like before!

Don't think I haven't tried to get into CL mag!  Right from the very start of my blogging, that had been my dream...but Hester Page rejected me everytime I applied! now they don't matter to me anymore, as I feel the magazine has gone downhill a bit now anyway....and besides I don't think I would fit into their beige, chrome and white criteria now! 

oooh! get me! what a biartch (bitch) lol!