Charlie Colmer (Country Livings Photographer) and Liz Ellis (stylist) from Abacus Cards are cruising on over to the Happy House this week for an 'In House' photoshoot! Yikes! 
 Na only joking! I love them coming over, as we had such a fun time HERE! but what with me neglecting the house for a few weeks...(adding new funky stuff to my website)...I have really got to get my act together and arrange a date with Mr Sheen!
I don't think I'll be looking as glamorous as these lovely lassie's (above) hee hee! But I will be wearing an apron and getting my hands dirty to wipe away the cobwebs that I have seen here and there...isn't it funny how you never notice those things until the sun comes out!...that sun, although beautiful, really does have some explaining to do ;)
I have added this piccie here because I have decided to buy it myself from my website! He looks lovely in my new retro sitting of which I will show you after the shoot! :)

 I also have a few more things to do on my checklist, painting, planting, sweeping and shopping, but I love working to a deadline....that is how I work best I think.....and although I have a list as long as both my arms, with things that I want to do, its amazing what a difference a day makes...especially with an early start!

Goodness I{M}ust have a crisp cru{M}b underneath the letter 'M' as I have to punch that letter soooo haaard! :D

Anyway...moving on!
I thought I had better show you the blogs I have created lately...the first one above is Holly from Delightful Domestic Science please go and say hello...
The second one is Ava from Picket fence fancy

...and last but not least is Miss G from Miss Gingers

Remember if you fancy a new blog or want to start one, have a look HERE or EMAIL ME to discuss what you are after :)

Have a great week my friends and I'll be in touch with the pictures of the photoshoot shortly :)


A little update here gals...a few of you have said 'well done' for getting into the Country Living Magazine! sorry to of misled you there my sweeties! Although it is Charlie (from CL mag fame) that is coming down to the Happy house!, he will be taking pictures for Liz and the cards again like before!

Don't think I haven't tried to get into CL mag!  Right from the very start of my blogging, that had been my dream...but Hester Page rejected me everytime I applied! now they don't matter to me anymore, as I feel the magazine has gone downhill a bit now anyway....and besides I don't think I would fit into their beige, chrome and white criteria now! 

oooh! get me! what a biartch (bitch) lol!



  1. Girl you're just on fire at the moment!!! Can't wait to see more fabulous piccies from your home.

    Enjoy your date with Mr Sheen

    Victoria xx

  2. Hi Happy, I'm still smiling at the wonderful work you did on my blog..It looks really smart now proud it's mine ! Thank-you :)

  3. Wow you do have a lot going on. How exciting with the photo shoot to ;-) I know just what you mean about dust and sunshine ;-) Have a happy week and i hope you manage to tick a load of things off your to do list, dee x

  4. Oh wow, how exciting for you. I hope your date with Mr Sheen goes swimmingly!! But Country Living? I'm so in awe!!


  5. I'm sure your date with Mr Sheen went "pollishingly" well and there's now not a cobweb in sight for those lovely people to see. I'm quite excited as I've had a letter published in Country Homes and Interiors magazine,not as good as a photo shoot but hey I'm happy, Lucey x

  6. I look forward to hearing more about the shoot and seeing the pics in CL sometime soon :)

  7. Great work on the blogs! Good Luck with the photoshoot too!
    Rachel x

  8. Good luck with the photoshoot and even better luck with Mr Sheen x

  9. Good luck with the photo shoot
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. Your energy and creativity flows right through the computer screen; awesome work. Have a wonderful day.
    Smiles, Paula

  11. Eeek housework! Hate it. Needs must I suppose. Hehe at the CL quip. Funny girl. You are def not beige. x

  12. You are too funny! I love how you manage to keep that bit of realism in your voice...all is not lollies and sweet buns...probably why you and Mr.happy are so good together! Sometimes I love the glossies but I also think they don't represent the way the average person lives....esp. not if you have kids or pets, or work in the real world...You need to start your own magazine! Call it Happy Days...Hmmmm..idea? Kind of how Mary Janes Farm got started you Happy!

  13. Thanks for popping my banner up! Still adoring the blog every time I look at it!
    holly loves happy who loves rosie ;-)

  14. I hope the cleaning went well, as if you like to work under pressure I have a little matter of about 3 rooms that have been so crammed with my DDs stuff that I have not been able to get in to clean them properly for the last 12 years!!. How you fixed! She moved into a new house on Saturday and I now have no excuse not to tackle the inches of dust. By the way I am with you completely on the 'snob' value of CL nowadays. DD had a stall at their fairs for 5 or 6 years and although they submitted photos, a good story etc time and time again, they never got any response except larger fees every time they did a show. Needless to say they gave it up in the end.
    Loved the piccies in the Cath Kidston mag, they couldn't have chosen better to grace their pages.
    Jenny x

  15. hi Happs..Ive seen some of your cards already...They're fab!! in Homebase, the posh Malvern post office and a few gift shops with little Max sitting in the doorway of the Holivan, I think I might even wee my pants if I'm ever lucky enough to receive one!! Looking forward to spotting the new batch.

    Totally agree about country living, I subscribe and lately it takes me 5 minutes to flick through and find nothing to inspire me. All adverts and lardy dar.
    I need a mag called 'Town living' which is full of articles about junk shops and charity shops and keeping chickens in your (now wrecked) front garden (like I do) as opposed to how to rear your herd of deer and tending to your bees in an acre of meadowland whilst sipping organic herbal tea in your shepherds hut..what do you reckon Happs?

    Sairer x


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