These lovely caricatures were drawn by an artist in Mexico in the time Daz was 8 and Rosie was 4...They have been in the garage for quite a while now and the other day...
whilst I was in there looking for a paintbrush, I found them...they were in silver frames and were quite 'grubby' on the outside, but the pictures were perfect, so I bought them back into the house.

We already had these red frames indoors, waiting for the perfect pictures, so hubby reframed them and hung them on the wall for me...The above chair is where I sit....I love having them both above me...they are sooo cool and fun don't you think :)

Oh and don't think that the red frame is going to stay empty
...I have funky plans for that!

Watch this space :)



  1. Oh they are perfect now above the chair. I love them.

  2. Just brilliant! They look great in those frames.x

  3. In plain black frames those caricatures would look "nice" but in the red frames they have the "WOW" factor, love the frame above them too, Lucey x

  4. Great fun! The chair looks sooooooo inviting, its a wonder you can ever leave it!! x

  5. ;-)) those are great love the red frames. Such a nice little area to sit in. dee x


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