Front Door Dilema

Do you remember my age old dilema about my front door! To paint or not to paint? and then I went and bought the wrong colour! but most of you liked it! (catch up here) Well! I have gone and done it!  I have now painted it a lighter colour…more duck egg blue!…(it probably looks the same colour as the previous post! but trust me! it is about 3 shades lighter!) and I luuuuurve this colour….I know! I know! on the pictures of the other post it did look lovely and most of you said to keep it! but my camera flash had really lightened the true colour and I really thought that I would be able to get used to it! but I didn’t! so it had to be lightened!

I have also been a ‘devil’ and painted the dark wood porch white too! lol! Gee! get a paintbrush in my hand and nothing is safe! ;D  As I also painted the gate!…the garage, and the picket fence in the back garden!

….Is there no end to my talents! lol!

I might have to rest up now for a few weeks! for I have RSI in my wrists! so I definitely will not be able to do any housework! (YES!) lol!


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