What do you think of my new (old) Mary of the Roses that I found at a local car boot sale the other week?

Isn't she divine!  I knew it was going to be a lucky day when a black cat suddenly jumped out in front of us on the way....

She was my first buy, as soon as I got there and then I had a lucky find of about 20 pieces of 1970's murano style glass...which of course I had to buy them all!...They are now, lovingly displayed, all around the house :)

So of course, as Our Lady wishes...I say a little prayer of thankfulness everyday :)



  1. i think it is a statue of saint teresa....i remembered statues of her when i was a kid...and when i just googled info about her, it said that saint teresa is often depicted with the roses....so pretty!

  2. ah indeed, a most peachy find :)
    always love stopping by your happy place, your love of colour and happy things never fails to brighten my day...

  3. You could make a broken teacup looks sweet my love!
    Adore you.

  4. That is definitely St. Therese, the Little Flower. See the below link: www.littleflower.org/abouttherese/learn/index.asp

    If you pray to her for a special intention, she will send you a sign that she heard your prayer - a rose in a dress pattern, someone will give you a rose, you'll smell roses when they aren't around, even roses in a wallpaper pattern. That is certainly a great find!

  5. She is so beautiful, gentle and heartwarming! Great find!

  6. She is so beautiful...she blesses us everyday...


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