Card & Scrap Booking Packs...Just Arrived!

New Card making kits and scrapbooking packs have arrived in the shop today...please go and check them out HERE
Perfect packs for the crafter in you...
Vintage ephemera from my own collection.
I hope you like them enough to want to buy a little bit of 'Happy style'
all items included in these packs I have sourced in Blighty, through my travels or happy shopping trips...some of which I have blogged about.

Happy Easter Presents....

Hi my sweets...I am a busy gal today, so I'll bring you a full report of my bedroom makeover...further on this week....but in the meantime - have you checked out my HAPPY SHOP? Do please take a peek....I have been and will be listing lots of new items including this pretty little kiddies bag...the perfect little Easter! 

Happy Easter Blog Banner Freebie!

3 column blog banner above

I thought you gals might like this little freebie to add to the top of your lovely blogs ready for the Easter celebrations....
I have made it in these cute and may I say VERY pretty colours.

2 column blog banner above

Happy Easter Gals...

I'll be adding more freebies here and there...
so do please check out my blogs for more info.
Oh and please do leave me a comment if you decide to take it...
I'd so love to hear what ya'all think! :)

Vintage Kitsch Fridge Make-Over

The sun was shining...but I was having a kinda lazy morning...I was quite happy to just sit there in my cosy pyjamas...watching morning TV...but just then my hubby poked his head around the door and asked if I wanted to do anything that day!
What I felt like saying was...yes lets go to London and have a BIG ole spend up! But lately money has been a bit on the tight side and we have been trying our hardest to save money instead of wasting it!...So I decided to get dressed....Good idea, you lazy gal...I hear you say!
Freddy was doing a bit of his scrapbooking and I started to watch him....I will show you  some of his newer creations will love them :)....we were talking about the fridge and how the wallpaper that we had stuck on it was looking very tiresome. remember I posted about it HERE
....And as you have probably guessed by now...we put two and two together and decided to cover the fridge scrapbook stylie! didnt take long...we had plenty of pretty papers to choose from, postcards and magnets!..Hmmm! yes sorry about that rude magnet!...I just love it though the magnet I mean!...Oh yes and the fridge...who would not love the fridge :)
...and all it cost us was £3.99 for the modge podge...which is a sealant too aparently! what a it turned out soooooo luverley!!!!...Coz I did wonder how I was going to wipe the fridge clean!.....being as the pretty Cath Kidston wallpaper, was just stuck on with magnets!....dont worry Freddy said! if it gets dirty we can always glue on another postcard! :))))

Ahhh! what a clever idea! LOL! Gosh that fella's got brains! hehehe!

My Freddie has done a little post about it too! on his phone..please go on over and comment HERE thanks :)

Cath Kidston and Greengate in the Bathroom

Hello again Gals...I thought I would give you a little insight into my bathroom!...before we moved here we had 4 bathrooms!! yes I felt like a cleaning lady and it used to take me a whole day to clean the house...these days its a little different, with only the one, quite large, but much easier to manage bathroom...this is how we have decorated it.
I still cannot be without my Cath Kidston...although I don't really buy much of it these days...I still have a lot scattered around our little cottage... you know I love bright colours and we have always collected the bright enamel pieces from France....the Cath Kidston style seemed to fit so well with it all.

...I am also a lover of Greengate and have pieces of it around the house too...they are a Scandanavian Company and sell similar pieces to CK.... the left in the piccy above, you can just see a piece of my bargain £5.00 Marks and Spencers shower curtain!...It was so much of a bargain I had to have two :))
This lovely Westie is a booty find from last year....we also have a black one that is placed under the sink (not shown).
I have always felt a bit odd writing a post about the bathroom!...I suppose that is why I never have! but I have tried to show you what it is like without showing any of the white goods! LOL! Coz no-one wants to see those do they EeK!
Now you can't really have a bathroom without a Royal Picture, a Rose tin and a Birdie can you!...well at least not in the Happy House :)

Speak Soon Gals :)

P.S...Hello :) I thought everyone would know who Greengate was! but so many of you have not heard of I have linked the name (above) to their website :)
Have fun checking them out....its hard to decide who came first CK or Greengate...the latter has been around for just as long :)

Busy Bee Week

Hello gals I hope you have all been keeping well this week :)  I have been very busy indeed! I have listed items into my webshop...some of the pictures I have shown here of the cute pieces I have sourced for you!

Just look at the cute Noddy and Big Ears egg cups...LOL! and these wonderful bunnies above...Perfect for Easter eh!

This little Ducky is just sooo cute...I have more Easter bits and pieces to list so please keep checking the webshop :) HERE
I have also been busy creating Katie's New Blog..
..Please do check her out HERE
I have also mastered the art of creating bespoke backgrounds and we are both really pleased with how her blog turned out...I have been creating plenty of my own graphics too! I am loving doing that....& I will be including my kinda graphics on my website soon! How exciting!

I have also given myself a makeover at Happy and Rosie blog, but soon I will be filling up the new pages links to this blog, so I might be able have everything placed here...but do please check out HAPPY AND ROSIE for now and check out my cool new graphics and Freebie buttons over there.

I managed to get hold of a copy of this song book in a charity shop near me the other day...oh its is so lovely, do you remember the days when everyone used to have a good ole sing song!...Well this is the book to have...I havn't cropped this piccy, so you will be able to see all the songs that it has in it and hopefully it will take you back to the times when you used to sing around the piano with your inlaws...oh how times change!
I have also been meaning to tell you about this lovely book I have had for ages has the most divine patterns for needlecraft in it although they are mainly red and blue pictures....but such wonderful I will start to feature them in my FREEBIES section of my blog soon.  so that will be something to look out for :)

oh and I just had to include this advertising page for you to look has been scanned in from the Coronation song book above...check out the prices of these wonderful rings! Phew if only they were still that price eh!

We are celebrating Mothers day here in Blighty on Sunday...and My son has come home from University to spend the weekend with us :) Good Times!...although he has nearly eaten me outta house and home already! LOL! he is having a snack now as I am writing this LOL! I can hear him chewing (with his mouth open! YUK!) all the way from here in the Dinning room - and he is in the sitting room! eating it WITHOUT A PLATE!! Grrrr! :) some things I do not miss!!! :)) ahh bless! LOL!...

I think we will probably go and see 'Alice in Wonderland' on Sunday, I love going to the pictures and it will be nice as a family to all go together.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and those of you celebrating Mothers Day.... and my own Mother and Mother-in-law...I wish you all a very HAPPY day indeed! :)

Cheap as Chips....

We have just had lunch....a packet each of the cheapest noodles you can find in your supermarket...costing between 9p and 20p....dressed with a small spash of chilli sauce! how bad is that! I always buy these noodles to add in soups and caseroles....but when you have no bread in the house, these are perfect for a lunchtime snack!


....Sorry Gals I was supposed to draw this at 8 o'clock this evening...but totally sorry if you have been waiting! :(
 I used the Random.Org Number Generator and it randomly picked number 2...which turned out to be Laurie from Mimick and congratulations to LAURIE......YAY! If you can send me your email adress and I can get to work.

Thanks ever so much for all taking part and all your lovely comments :)

Love Happy xx


 Thanks for all your lovely comments gals...I really do not know what I would of done without you all....through...what seemed like the winter from all really do brighten my day!...I am so sorry that I cannot reply to alot of you! but just know - that for each and every one of your comments...I smile! and that is the best present you can give to anyone! so thankyou all again :)
...and as a way of a Thankyou....I thought I would offer a GIVEAWAY of a lovely shiny new Blog Banner....for the winner.  As it is the start of a new season! (lets pray the sun carries on shining!)...(and if it isnt shining where you are yet!....lets pray that it soon will :))
All you have to do is tell me which Blog Banner you like best...and why! From this selection HERE
...SIMPLES! (what has happened to that advert???LOL!)!
The winner will be able to pick one banner from THIS selection!....
Or two Banners from THIS selection.
I will of course amend them with your blog name and resize them to your blog requirements :)
I will draw this on Monday 8th March at you have the weekend!....


Feeling Good!

Well...look what the weather bought us on Monday morning!....Lovely Lovely sunshine! Yippee! Oh I have been longing for this day! makes you feel alive, if you know what I mean!...I got up extra early as the brightness was shining through the window and the ideas of what to do that day were churning away in my brain!
I popped into the garden and jumped for joy! My favorite shrub was budding...could Spring be just around the corner! Oh please please please!
I tidied up the craft room and found these wonderful vintage magazines that I forgot I had (a bonus for tidying up eh!) they actually belonged to my Mum and Dad and had been kept in an old suitcase in my Mums cellar...but I rescued them before she threw them out last year.
Look at the sun brightening up the kitchen....oh everything looks so lovely!
...And look at the sun shining in the craft room on my books...I had to take this piccy...Just looking at this sunny pic is enough to make you feel good! its sooo warm out there when the sun shines...and I am always so it is a good place for me to work
Look how lovely this picture looks in a bit of sunlight....everything is bright and happy...light and bright...I sure do hope we are going to get a good warm and sunny summer!
I even spruced up the kitchen....
The sun had turned me into Bionic Woman! LOL! I had so much energy!
I added some pieces that I had been storing in cupboards in the kitchen to the garden, I wonder if those plants will ever revive themselves...a little more sunshine and a few prayers!
We have had a few days of sun and I have really enjoyed them...I can't wait for the end of the month when we put the clocks forward! I love the lighter can do so much more with your day!

Have you had any sun where you are?
If you have what have you been upto?