Well...look what the weather bought us on Monday morning!....Lovely Lovely sunshine! Yippee! Oh I have been longing for this day!...it makes you feel alive, if you know what I mean!...I got up extra early as the brightness was shining through the window and the ideas of what to do that day were churning away in my brain!
I popped into the garden and jumped for joy! My favorite shrub was budding...could Spring be just around the corner! Oh please please please!
I tidied up the craft room and found these wonderful vintage magazines that I forgot I had (a bonus for tidying up eh!) they actually belonged to my Mum and Dad and had been kept in an old suitcase in my Mums cellar...but I rescued them before she threw them out last year.
Look at the sun brightening up the kitchen....oh everything looks so lovely!
...And look at the sun shining in the craft room on my books...I had to take this piccy...Just looking at this sunny pic is enough to make you feel good! its sooo warm out there when the sun shines...and I am always so cold...so it is a good place for me to work
Look how lovely this picture looks in a bit of sunlight....everything is bright and happy...light and bright...I sure do hope we are going to get a good warm and sunny summer!
I even spruced up the kitchen....
The sun had turned me into Bionic Woman! LOL! I had so much energy!
I added some pieces that I had been storing in cupboards in the kitchen to the garden, I wonder if those plants will ever revive themselves...a little more sunshine and a few prayers!
We have had a few days of sun and I have really enjoyed them...I can't wait for the end of the month when we put the clocks forward! I love the lighter evenings...you can do so much more with your day!

Have you had any sun where you are?
If you have what have you been upto?


  1. Yesterday, here in Lincoln, the sun was shining and it felt like Spring. Today it has been overcast though not cold. I love the red spotty shoes! Sue XX

  2. Hi Happy! Yes, we had sun on Sunday and Monday and the whole town went mad walking in the park, hanging out washing etc... It was lovely. Sadly now it's raining but I still have your energy for sorting things - like you I've found some lovely surprises! Hurray for spring! Vive le printemps!

  3. Would you like to come to mine and spruce up the Madhouse?

    Weather has been cold here, but the sun has tried his best and had his hat on.

    Love C. X

  4. Oooh your post looks so happy !
    Bring on the spring I say..
    Emma x

  5. In Idaho I woke up this morning to the same bright happy sun! I felt completely energized just like you. I have been busy all morning too and just stopped to take the time to visit you. What a happy cheerful post today. I'm so glad you rescued those mags before your mum tossed them out! Love your little nest. It is absolutely charming!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. I love your post! your decoration is amazing and inspiring!

  7. Greeting Happy!
    Oh yes, the sun is also shining here in Michigan! Yes, even in cold snowy Michigan! =) I can feel it warming my back as I sit here and type! I need to turn around and soak up some on my pale face! =) I just LOVE your blog, it makes me almost as happy as the shining sun! Have a blessed sunshiney day!

  8. It was raining this morning but now it is gorgeous outside! The sun inspires happy colors doesn't it? :) I am obsessed with your AMAZING kitchen!!! Oh my goodness I just love it!

    I think I may have already told you, but just in case I wanted to let you know I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to pop by!

  9. It's been really sunny up ere in Yorkshire, I've done nowt but smile since Mundy mornin. ;)

    That's really what I sound like!

  10. Hi Happy - love your photos - sun yesterday but not today- thanks for your cheery post xx

  11. Hello Happy,
    We had a little sun and warmer weather here on the west coast of USA, but right now it's raining it's pouring..And those plants I think will make it, yes I am trying to tell from the picture :) but I would transplant them now into a slightly bigger pot I think that will help more.


  12. Sun...blessed sun! It changes my whole mood! Goodbye winter and hello spring! And score..when I went into my garden today I found out that my $5.00 trees from Walmart survived a cold winter and were budding! One day they will be huge maple trees! Cute magazines!

  13. It's been sunny here this week, too--wonderful for walks on the paths behind our village!

  14. The weather is just beautiful here in Manchester. The sun is shining, the wind is gental, it's making me happy.

    Your kitchen is gorgeous.

  15. Love your flower painting. I really enjoy your blog, what an artist you are!

  16. The sun shining really does fill us up with new energy and zest doesn't it? It is wonderful to feel the promise of spring in the air again. Love your photos! Suzie xxx

  17. Hasn't the weather been perfect!! This is my favourite time of year when it's not yet hot but the sun has it's hat on!

    Victoria xx

  18. Yep the sun is really cheering me up - I've been stuck in hospital for a month. When I came in it was still ice and snow everywhere. By the time I'm out it'll be full blown Spring mwahahaha.

  19. your blog is ADORABLE! I'll be back:)

  20. Sunny and beautiful here in Tennessee. I was wondering if you could tell me about the blue and white piece on your countertop? Is it something you made or bought?


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