Cath Kidston and Greengate in the Bathroom

Hello again Gals…I thought I would give you a little insight into my bathroom!…before we moved here we had 4 bathrooms!! yes I felt like a cleaning lady and it used to take me a whole day to clean the house…these days its a little different, with only the one, quite large, but much easier to manage bathroom…this is how we have decorated it.

I still cannot be
without my Cath Kidston…although I don’t really buy much of it these
days…I still have a lot scattered around our little cottage…

….as you know I love bright colours and we have always collected the bright enamel pieces from France….the Cath Kidston style seemed to fit so well with it all.

...I am also a lover of Greengate and have pieces of it around the house too…they are a Scandanavian Company and sell similar pieces to CK…….to the left in the piccy above, you can just see a piece of my bargain £5.00 Marks and Spencers shower curtain!…It was so much of a bargain I had to have two :))

This lovely Westie is a booty find from last year….we also have a black one that is placed under the sink (not shown).

I have always felt a bit odd writing a post about the bathroom!…I suppose that is why I never have! but I have tried to show you what it is like without showing any of the white goods! LOL! Coz no-one wants to see those do they EeK!

Now you can’t really have a bathroom without a Royal Picture, a Rose tin and a Birdie can you!…well at least not in the Happy House 🙂

Speak Soon Gals 🙂

P.S…Hello 🙂 I thought everyone would know who Greengate was! but so many of you have not heard of them…so I have linked the name (above) to their website 🙂 Have fun checking them out….its hard to decide who came first CK or Greengate…the latter has been around for just as long 🙂


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