Hello again Gals...I thought I would give you a little insight into my bathroom!...before we moved here we had 4 bathrooms!! yes I felt like a cleaning lady and it used to take me a whole day to clean the house...these days its a little different, with only the one, quite large, but much easier to manage bathroom...this is how we have decorated it.
I still cannot be without my Cath Kidston...although I don't really buy much of it these days...I still have a lot scattered around our little cottage...
....as you know I love bright colours and we have always collected the bright enamel pieces from France....the Cath Kidston style seemed to fit so well with it all.

...I am also a lover of Greengate and have pieces of it around the house too...they are a Scandanavian Company and sell similar pieces to CK....

...to the left in the piccy above, you can just see a piece of my bargain £5.00 Marks and Spencers shower curtain!...It was so much of a bargain I had to have two :))
This lovely Westie is a booty find from last year....we also have a black one that is placed under the sink (not shown).
I have always felt a bit odd writing a post about the bathroom!...I suppose that is why I never have! but I have tried to show you what it is like without showing any of the white goods! LOL! Coz no-one wants to see those do they EeK!
Now you can't really have a bathroom without a Royal Picture, a Rose tin and a Birdie can you!...well at least not in the Happy House :)

Speak Soon Gals :)

P.S...Hello :) I thought everyone would know who Greengate was! but so many of you have not heard of them...so I have linked the name (above) to their website :)
Have fun checking them out....its hard to decide who came first CK or Greengate...the latter has been around for just as long :)


  1. pretty things!!

    have a nice day


  2. Ooooh, I NEED a Union Jack bathmat!

  3. Love it! Thanks so much for deciding to share!

  4. Oh I always love a look around your house! Very 'you' now whenever I see red and blue I think of you :) A royal picture would be very appropriate for the bathroom! (my Dad calls it the throne room!)

  5. if i were visiting you.. i find an excuse to stay long in the bathroom! sooo beautiful! hehehe

  6. Oh I loooove Cath Kidston! Her fabrics are so beautiful, I'd like to upholster/decoupage my entire home with them!

  7. soooooo jealous! one day my collection will be as spiffing as yours!! xx

  8. Lovely! I adore CK, but it's hard to find around here:(

    I just posted my bath yesterday...wishing it looked more like your now! Thanks for sharing!

  9. So cute, and ...HAPPY! I've never heard of Greengate..I'll be googling it next! Thanks for giving us a peek!

  10. So purty:) What a lovely bathroom! You have such beautiful taste. Can I come live in your pretty house?:) Great post.

  11. Your bathroom looks gorgeous!!! Popping over to Google to check out Greengate!!

  12. Here's me, thinking you were decorating and having a row over the choice of paint colour?!
    LOL just me then! I too shall now go and Google it.
    What a lovely 'Throne Room' xxx

  13. Claire...that is funny :))) I have linked it to the website now :)...I got the shock of my life and realised Greengate have got the same background as me!!! Great Minds eh! LOL!

  14. What a fabulous bathroom. Love all your pretty decorations and treasures.

  15. I LOVE your bathroom..... I'm now frantically going to start on the boot sales for COLOUR!!!

    Victoria xx

  16. Being a Brit who resides in the US, I of course love following your blogging exploits. You keep me up with what is going on back in old 'Blighty.

    As per usual, we here in America are still waiting for the trends to reach us. Cath Kidston can only be purchased from the UK right now, and Greengate and Tilda products are not available here. In the meantime I am doing my shabby best to create my version of that aesthetic. If you visit my blog there is a post about the fabrics that I purchased on the 'shab' that I am currently working with. I would love if you would give me your input since you are such a flippin' trend setter...hehe.
    I spoke to my Mum in Wilts today. Bloody Ada but it was Mothers Day UK this past Sunday. Needless to say I had sent her a card early wishing her Happy Mothers Day, Happy Birthday and Happy Easter. Killed three birds with one card....shabby but practical.
    I mentioned to her about CK and she really didn't know what I was on about, bless her. At 83 she is not so up on the trends as she used to be!

    Anyway, sorry for the long post but you brought it out of me...

    Peace xx

  17. Lovely bathroom Happy.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  18. Goodness, I bought 2 of those curtains too. I thought one at that price was good, so good I had to buy another!!! Like minds lol x

  19. Well worth showing, Happy! I think I don't post about our bathrooms (we have two and I can just about imagine your trials with four) because one of ours is the 'disgusting taste but good condition so can't afford to change it' one and the other one is strangely minimalistic. I think my husband's taste won out when he did the work on it - he deserves one minimalistic room, poor man! But yours is fab...

  20. Such gorgeousness!You've definitely Happied it! Lovely!
    Rachel x

  21. Now that is just about the happiest, sunniest bathroom I have ever seen. I really appreciate how you like and display your love of bright colors. I'll have to show you some pics of my bath because I have lots of bright happy colors too.

    Susan and Bentley

  22. Love yout Bathroom, it looks really like summer!

    I know Greengate already, and they are great!

    Hugs Ilona

  23. Hi there, I've only just started reading your blog and I want you to know I loves it!!
    Have you ever written about your downsizing from a 4 bathroom house to a 1 bathroom house? I'm asking because I'm about to do the same thing myself and I want to hear how its done.
    Thanks again for keeping such a lovely blog.

  24. Hello! Wow - I am so glad to have found your blog! I love how you are you! I was googling Cath Kidston bathroom ideas - we have just bought a 1960's house here in Australia and I have a pink bathroom to decorate - I really want to leave the pink shower, bath and sink in - so now I am so excited!

    I am quite new to the blogging world, and started my own a few months ago. If you have time to stop by that would be lovely!
    Much love xo

  25. Your choosens are very beatiful.
    You have a funny bathroom;)


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