Vintage Kitsch Fridge Make-Over

The sun was shining…but I was having a kinda lazy morning…I was quite happy to just sit there in my cosy pyjamas…watching morning TV…but just then my hubby poked his head around the door and asked if I wanted to do anything that day!

What I felt like saying was…yes lets go to London and have a BIG ole spend up! But lately money has been a bit on the tight side and we have been trying our hardest to save money instead of wasting it!…So I decided to get dressed….Good idea, you lazy gal…I hear you say!

Freddy was doing a bit of his scrapbooking and I started to watch him….I will show you  some of his newer creations soon…you will love them :)….we were talking about the fridge and how the wallpaper that we had stuck on it was looking very tiresome. remember I posted about it HERE

….And as you have probably guessed by now…we put two and two together and decided to cover the fridge scrapbook stylie!….it didnt take long…we had plenty of pretty papers to choose from, postcards and magnets!..Hmmm! yes sorry about that rude magnet!…I just love it though the magnet I mean!…Oh yes and the fridge…who would not love the fridge 🙂

…and all it cost us was £3.99 for the modge podge…which is a sealant too aparently! what a bargain…as it turned out soooooo luverley!!!!…Coz I did wonder how I was going to wipe the fridge clean!…..being as the pretty Cath Kidston wallpaper, was just stuck on with magnets!….dont worry Freddy said! if it gets dirty we can always glue on another postcard! :))))Ahhh! what a clever idea! LOL! Gosh that fella’s got brains! hehehe!My Freddie has done a little post about it too! on his phone..please go on over and comment HERE thanks 🙂


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