Awww...I love playing Bingo....don't you?
I also love collecting vintage bingo games and have been known to use these to pick out my lottery numbers, I always think that I might have a better chance of winning lol!

The other day, Rosie and I went out to a local bingo hall to play...it was so much fun and we had such a laugh...I am terrible and that was half the fun, because as well as her own 6 books, she had to watch what I had with my 2 measly books...lol
 I am so terrible with numbers and they always go so blurry on me!
so really I was the worst person to go with...lol!

 Its great as well that it is now a smoke free zone...years ago when Freddy and I went a few times...the clouds of smoke used to put us right off, then they used to have a separate smoking area...but it still used to waft over...but now it is all smoke free and I love that....so come on gals...lets rekindle this old past time and start playing Bingo again....

Move over Pub Quizzes....and Bring on the BINGO!

Heart It