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Happy Harris was born in London during the 1960’s…A love of vintage and all things bright and whimsy morphed from a casual eclectic habit into an outright obsession…She is an eccentric, loving life kinda girl that loves to decorate in an eclectic style. Influences of her childhood is paramount in her decor, artwork and designs!

Happy Loves Rosie…

Blog was created back in 2007, with an introduction to the family, followed by her unique style of decor and love of Cath Kidston, which created quite a following!  Then in 2009 she bought a 1950’s green Fisher Holivan, for which she kitted it out with vintage furniture and happy shabby collectables, the caravan went viral and she was featured in many books and magazines…the rest is history!

Definition :: Happy Loves Rosie ::

 My Nick Name is Happy and my Daughters name is Rosie! Hence Happy Loves Rosie!


Being me is hard work! I always feel responsible for silences!…I laugh about half an hour after the joke has been told!….Everything I say (that sounds a bit rude) I say ‘said the actress to the bishop’!….we all sing in the car, no matter where we are going!….I am useless at impressions, but Rosie (daughter) and Freddy (hubby) are brilliant!  I am not visually aware! and bumped into Princess Anne at a trade show about 10 years ago….Yes! I literally BUMPED into her not looking where I was going! EeK!

Rosie (My daughter)

Life changes…

These past few years have been the worst of our lives and my Freddy has ended up in a wheelchair, unable to walk at all… so life totally changed in more ways that one! Yes we have our bad days…but we also strive to carry on and see the sunny side of everything…My hubby is amazing…he still makes me laugh and we always try to make the best of what we have!..we are closer now than we have ever been and I can’t see that ever changing.

Freddy (My Hubby)

In 2014 we moved to a disabled friendly modern home, after Freddy spent a year in our old dining room unable to get out at all…Now we are living a more relaxed life and not stressing so much over the things that we used too…It’s amazing how health hiccups in life can reset the balance of your karma…

These days I surround myself with people and things that make me happy…DO THAT people, Life’s too short!

Our Fisher Holivan

…And some

Lately I am chucking out a lot of our chintz and paring back…I find that I am liking more modern styles and what I first used to blog about is now a distant memory…in some ways I think I am decluttering my brain…it’s been a slow process but I am gradually getting there. All the bright colours remind me of our old house where Freddy’s accident happened! And I just want change…A new chapter so to speak.

Happy Loves…

My Family, Gardening, Blogging, Staying up all night, Chocolate, Sailor Jerry Tattoos, Duke Dumont, Game of Thrones, French enamelware, Days out to the Coast, Making Jewellery, Eating Out, Homemaking, Spring, Cavachon’s and Westies.

Both Freddy and Rosie have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome…please Visit the website here for more information – Thank You x

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