Easter Décor Tips For Your Home

Easter is round the corner and for many of us that means it’s time to get the family round, have a sit-down meal and a good ole get-together.

With Christmas traditionally being the time to spruce up the home for guests more and more of us are beginning to introduce stylish spring touches for other occasions throughout the year and in this new post, we’ll go through some easy Easter décor tips for your home.


a pretty gypsy girl with tamborine
 Now I am not saying here that I am into all this magical and mystical stuff but I find it all very fascinating when you get to the nitty gritty…years ago when I had just lost my Dad I was trying to find if he was ok because I had not been with him when he died…I was vulnerable, so I went to a lady that read the tarot…she was my ironing lady and I trusted her…she owned The Launderette that I went too and she was a good friend.  After I had the reading I must say that I was quite impressed…She told me that he loved me and that he wanted me not to be there when he passed over...and that he would always be by my side, which was a great comfort...


easter banners and other makes

OK I know I know! it's too Early in the year but with only one week to go, I thought I would share with  you (in my opinion) 10 of my most favourite Easter printables out there...so here goes...

5 Things Happy Loves - March

Tommy and Teds Recipes

Here I will be sharing with you people that have helped me out and things that I have loved and feel that I shouldn't keep a secret!...afterall, these days we need a nod from a friend about a service or something we like...a recommendation is a help when we are choosing what we need and if I can help you at all in some way, with what I like and have loved...well it's gotta be worth something surely!

WooWee! That's a lot of somethings! but hopefully you get my drift!

1. ISAK - Design for the Modern Home.

I sooooo love this website and have been meaning to share it with you for ages.  I love the Blossom and Bill prints and have been wanting to buy one for ages as it reminds me of Freddy and I!...But just lately they have introduced so many more designs to their collection...I just love it all.


A then and now look into blogging
Being an old girl on the blogging network, things kind of pass me by!
technology moves so fast these days that I rarely can keep up with everything!

we all have busy lives...some of us are computer savvi whereas others aren't! I used to be very interested in blog and web design and although I still am...it all baffles me and I just can't stand the pace anymore.


happy mothers day mum
Today it is Mother's Day in Blighty, so this last week I have been busy designing and making some cards for Freddy's Mum and mine.  Paper crafting is my new hobby...for Christmas I was given a Sizzix Big Shot machine and I haven't looked back since!...lately though I have gone one step further and with these Mother's Day cards, I decided to design them in photoshop and print them out on my computer...

I LOvE the NeW jimmyCASE

jimmyCASE review

JimmyCASE is a brand new idea from America...invented by Dan Smith, he set out to invent a phone case that was was stylish and yet practical...

Have you ever gone out and put your money and cards in the back of your phone cover?