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Here I will be sharing with you people that have helped me out and things that I have loved and feel that I shouldn’t keep a secret!…afterall, these days we need a nod from a friend about a service or something we like…a recommendation is a help when we are choosing what we need and if I can help you at all in some way, with what I like and have loved…well it’s gotta be worth something surely!

WooWee! That’s a lot of somethings! but hopefully you get my drift!
1. ISAK – Design for the Modern Home.

I sooooo love this website and have been meaning to share it with you for ages.  I love the Blossom and Bill prints and have been wanting to buy one for ages as it reminds me of Freddy and I!…But just lately they have introduced so many more designs to their collection…I just love it all.

wonderful modern retro design

Swedish born designer, The very talented Sandra Isaksson now lives in a little part of England where she produces these delightful ceramics full of retro charm…I just want to go and live there forever!…but I don’t think Freddy will be very happy about it…so I’ll just have to buy the whole collection!
Oh and by the way! It is the most COOOLest Website I have seen in a very long time!
2. Carpets Next Day – Bargain Carpets

Carpets Next Day is a local business based in Maidstone, Kent and now has a new branch just around the corner from us.   I had heard the adverts on the local radio and thought that I would give them a try…we have needed stair carpet ever since we moved back in November…

I share a brilliant carpet shop

 I have been meaning to measure them and thought that it was going to be a big job as they are all different lengths…so I had been putting it off!  The last time we ventured out to tackle the situation, was just before Christmas, we shopped at a popular chain of carpet shops and they were so unhelpful…saying that there was no way we could be fitted in before Christmas!…tbh we weren’t that bothered if we had it before or after Christmas, but we left thinking that we wouldn’t go back there again!

Anyways…Yesterday, I measured them, I drew a diagram and it took me all of 20 minutes lol!
we set of in the car…I could have walked how far it actually was with Freddy in the wheelchair but I thought about ‘sods law’ if we had…it would have been miles away…infact it was just around the corner and when we arrived I did think that my carbon footprint would be tarnished EeK!

We got out the car and I pushed Freddy in the door and we were greeted by the owner…he introduced himself and asked what we would like….next minute we found a remnant in a caramelly coir type for £75.00, he siad that there would be enough for the stairs, seeing that I had drawn such a brilliant diagram lol!…two minutes later it was all paid for and we were on our way home…I think the most time was spent getting Freddy in and out of the car!
Well the moral of this story is I soooo Love small 1 man and his dog type of businesses…they are friendly and polite and you know where you are with them…we needed gripper rods and underlay and we obviously have to pay for fitting…but the whole lot was soooo cheap! well I just have to recommend them! It’s being fitted this Thursday…so I will show you the results then!
3.  March – The start of British Summer Time

Ok so this is not a recommendation, but I must mention it because I so love Spring!…It is my favourite time of the year..The thought of Spring makes January and February easier to bare for me!
…and to think that at the end of this month we will be putting our clocks forward really does make me feel happy…although the thought of Easter being in March, I don’t like very much…I like Easter to be in April…it gives Spring a chance to kick in for me…this year though and previous years, recently, we have had dafodils and blossom apearing on trees rather early in the year…which is worrying!

pretty spring flowers

4. How to Draw Laurel Wreaths Yourself

How to draw a laurel wreath

This is a bit random I know, but I have been wanting to make a logo for Happy Loves Rosie for a while and thought about a circular wreath around the words…knowing that I cannot draw very well…I started to have a look on the net…as you do! where would we be without it!
So after some searching I came across The Postman’s knock where Lindsay shows you (in detail) how to draw them perfectly.  The tutorial shows you 10 different ways to draw one yourself…I have had a go and I am very impressed with myself…I am still deciding on a logo, but thought I would share Lindsay’s website with you anyway! 

5. The Sizzix Sale – I love a sale!using sizzix dies
If you are a fan of papercrafting like Freddy and I, then you might want to know about the Sizzix website SALE from time to time they have real bargains on there and just after Christmas I managed to purchase a lot of cutting dies for around £3 – £6 each…instead of the RRP of around £14.99 – £24.99!…and then again this month!…They still have a lot of bargains left on there so if you haven’t already I would go and check them out.

Phew I am glad I have got all that off my chest lol!

I do hope you have found something of use or interest in my 5 Things Happy Loves post…if you would like to join the conversation…please leave me a comment below and I will reply to you…perhaps you would like to share something you have loved this month with us all too…It would be lovely to hear from you.
In the meantime have a great week…


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