The Fascination of Tarot Reading

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 Now I am not saying here that I am into all this magical and mystical stuff but I find it all very fascinating when you get to the nitty gritty…years ago when I had just lost my Dad I was trying to find if he was ok because I had not been with him when he died…I was vulnerable, so I went to a lady that read the tarot…she was my ironing lady and I trusted her…she owned The Launderette that I went too and she was a good friend. After I had the reading I must say that I was quite impressed…She told me that he loved me and that he wanted me not to be there when he passed over…and that he would always be by my side, which was a great comfort…

she also told me a few other things, for which a few came true and some didn’t…One of them was that I was going to leave my job…and that came true…I did, it was the best thing that ever happened to me actually…whether she put the idea into my head I don’t know…But I was given the sack! lol! I can’t really remember the other things, but it was an interesting and fun experience.

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So I thought here I would delve into the history of tarot and reasons why you might want to take a tarot reading yourself.  There are all kinds of ways that we can examine where we are in life, and it does us good to do that kind of all-round review now and then. There are some times when it seems particularly appropriate…when we reach a crossroads in life or when something big is about to happen, such as starting a new job or a house move.

Tarot reading is one method people have used to analyse their lives for hundreds of years. Tarot actually began as an ordinary card game in Italy, rather than a way to evaluate our lives. The earliest tarot decks were first used in the 15th century to play a game that was similar to bridge. The tarot card decks were bespoke items made for wealthy individuals. The hand-painted and ornate cards often featured Renaissance imagery and were called ‘carte da trionfi’ (cards of triumph). The name ‘tarocchi’ came about as a way of differentiating the game from a trumps game that was played with a 52 card deck. Today, you can still get your hands on plenty of ornate and vintage tarot card decks, and many people own a set simply for its ornamental value. You can find them online at sites like ebay, Etsy and specialist reproduction websites.

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What you might learn in a tarot reading

People often assume that having a tarot reading is about finding out what the future has in store for you. However, most tarot readers would say that while it is possible to look forward, it’s probably more interesting to find out why certain things are happening to you today. A tarot reading can help you see what influences are having an effect on you, what level of control (subconscious and conscious) you have over your life and what blocks (internal and external) you are currently facing.

The reader can also help you to see if and how there are aspects of life that you are neglecting.

Having a tarot reading is a great way of getting some fresh perspective on life or a particular situation. If you have a particular issue to address, the tarot reader will often use the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, where the pattern of the cards resembles the Celtic Cross from Ireland. As the reader interprets the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, each card gives more information about the particular issue you wish to consider. Readers can use a variety of different spreads to do a reading, but the Celtic Cross spread is one of the most widely used.

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When to have a tarot reading

You can have a tarot reading at any time. You don’t need a specific problem or issue to deal with. But there are some times that a tarot reading can seem particularly appropriate. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, a tarot reading can help guide you in looking at approaching life differently, or to understand why you feel unable to move forward. Many people choose to have a tarot reading when beginning a new phase in life – such as a birthday or at the start of the year.

When people are at the point of change, a tarot reading can be helpful in getting you to think about all aspects of the change in your life, so that you don’t overlook anything. A tarot reading can also be useful when you are facing difficulties – such as relationship issues, or tough financial circumstances. The reading can help you see what changes you need to make in order to improve your situation.

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Even if you have nothing particular to address or consider, having a tarot reading can be a fascinating and insightful experience. And, you never know, it may even encourage you to start trying out your own tarot reading skills…or throw you in a different direction in life.

Do share in the comments section below if you have had any experiences and how it made you feel?

Did it change your life for the better?

What was your reasons to have one in the first place? Should it be taken seriously?

Or is it just a bit of fun?


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